Slideshow: The Brooklyn Banks and the Brooklyn Bridge anchorage

The Brooklyn Bridge anchorage includes not just the area known as the Brooklyn Banks — the bricked expanse on the north side — but also majestic stone arches, hidden tunnels and imposing steel trusses. Then there’s the ramp: a concrete, curving structure with steel arches underneath that must have once been an alternate exit off the Manhattan-bound lanes of the bridge.

Both sides of the bridge anchorage are still under construction, as they have been since 2010. See more on the history here, and more on the opening of one acre of space here.

Even the bricks themselves are beautiful, and how often do you see bricked mounds and hills? I’d love an expert on brick to explain the quality 9f these — they are not set with mortar, from what I can tell, and are smoother than regular bricks and have an original size and pattern…