The latest on Wagner Park, under construction now

I hadn’t reviewed most of these most recent renderings in a while, so thought it was worth publishing now that construction has started at Wagner Park. As most know, the park will be closed for two years as the Battery Park City Authority rebuilds it higher, with berms to protect the rest of the neighborhood. (The renderings of the pavilions caught my eye, so I went back into previous posts to check their size: The existing pavilion’s footprint measures 8,090 square feet, compared to the proposed pavilion’s footprint of 7,990 square feet.)

In the meantime, the BPCA is creating a temporary park along West Street, south of 3rd Place, with synthetic turf, picnic tables and other spots for active and passive recreation, largely with kids in mind.

There’s also a digital flyover created below.

It will be a long two years.




  1. Do they plan to bring in fully mature and well grown trees? If not it will take years and years before it looks like these renderings as all of the former trees are now gone.

  2. Who decided on that temporary “park”… I can guarantee you not the residents who live down here. We have turf 2 blocks North. That stretch is frequently used for kids to learn how to bike and run and for people to have pretty open walking space. The set up right now is not used and uninviting. I can’t imagine adding turf will make it look better or more useable…