Seen & Heard: Zucker’s kiosk seeking suggestions

The kiosk at Bogardus Plaza operated by Zucker’s is now called Zucker’s on the Plaza — and they are seeking ideas from neighbors on what they would like to see on offer there in a park setting. Right now they are serving tons of bagels, egg wraps and La Colombe coffee; this spring they are adding an ice cream espresso float and a few new sandwiches. Blue Marble soft serve will also be back. Comment if you have a request and I will pass along.

I did not know until I got this release that BMCC has a food pantry for its students called the Panther Pantry in the BMCC Advocacy and Resource Center and last year it distributed over 4,000 bags of food to about 1,800 students. It is supported by donors including Feed the Frontlines, the Carol and Milton Petrie Foundation Food Access Program, the CUNY/New York City Council Food Access Program and the Department of Social Services/Human Resources Administration Community Food Connection — but it also recently got a $100,000 donation from Amazon.

I did not know that the Four Seasons on Church and Park Place/Barclay has a retail space called The Edit, a curated space pop up within The Spa’s third floor boutique. For example, during women’s history month they had seven female designers on display. More soon when I go by but if you’re curious, enter through the main lobby at 27 Barclay Street.

The HRPK Green Team will be out gardening this season on the following dates: June 10, June 24, July 15, August 5, September 16, October 28, November 18, December 9. Members of the community work with the park’s seasoned horticulture staff and support planting, weeding, pruning, mulching, and other gardening activities. Locations and activities vary each month. Email or call for more information: 347-515-2242.



  1. I had tried to order a bacon egg cheese on an everything bagel at the Zuckers kiosk and they told me I could only get that from their Chambers spot. It would be nice if they could offer more menu items at this spot.

  2. More vegetarian options! And later hours.

  3. Would love for the kiosk to offer whole wheat bagels! (Both plain and everything). Have to go to Chambers for those too, but would prefer the kiosk for a quick, simple order pickup. The kiosk is great and hopefully more neighbors will catch on to its convenience!

  4. If they haven’t, Zucker’s ought to contact Stuyvesant HS and offer students some sort of snack deal upon presenting a student ID. Teenagers like to *eat,* and the subway entrances around Boagrdus is where loads of Sty students begin & end their day (they have out lunch too).

  5. My suggestion for Zucker’s is to offer more vegetarian and vegan options (like many shops are doing)….for example Just Egg (as a replacement for traditional eggs) and plant-based sausage and bacon (there are many delicious options). And fwiw, the counter staff are VERY unfriendly, not sure what that’s about

  6. Bacon Egg and Cheese on an Everything

  7. I wish they added a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a roll and vegan scallion cream cheese options

  8. Just a shout out to the very nice people Zucker’s staffs at the kiosk. Efficient and friendly and very quick.

  9. Looks like the suggestions didn’t cut it- as it seems to have closed. It was shut today and all the branding has been removed. By the way, who looks after Bogardus Plaza? It’s a lively little space, but filthy. It (and all the tables) needs a damn good jet wash.