Where in Tribeca?

From S. (*not* Sonia!): some not-too-subtle commentary on the dog poop situation around the neighborhood. Where is it?



  1. This sign can be found on the ConEd building that spans from Franklin and Leonard Street. This sign is on the Leonard Street side. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Can someone explain why there is SO MUCH DOG feces all over the sidewalks? Why don;t dog owners clean up and police other dog owners? Only city in U.S. that is like this.

    • if you have your dog on a leash, it is virtually impossible to miss the fact that it is taking a sh*t. Any person who leaves it is doing so intentionally. My theory is maybe teenagers who are annoyed that they have to take the dog out. But there are plenty of adults who have zero respect for others.

  3. It’s an issue in Chelsea too – abandoned poop or bags of poop – often smashed. There are trash bins on most street corners, but many people are on their phones, have coffee or water bottles along with juggling their leash, it’s the city, people are busy. Dog and Co sells a product called the “dooloop”. It holds even unknotted bags of feces – take 3 seconds – super easy. Summer in the city smells already, I hope people start to do a better job –

    • I’ve seen men digging through the garbage who throw the poop bags into the street and/or overturn (kick over) garbage cans. Hence the smashed poop bags. I always wondered why a dog owner wouldn’t throw the bags into the garbage cans and now I know they do and someone else throws them onto the street.