Nosy Neighbor: Why was this giant rock unloaded here?

S. wrote: “Why was bike parking put in the middle of the street? And why was this giant rock unloaded here? The bike parking seems so dangerous — people are standing there hooking up their bikes in the middle of the street with trucks speeding through.”

The Department of Transportation said it is dramatically expanding bike parking across the city to meet the growth in cycling the city has seen recently. And it is using vertical elements like flexible delineators and granite blocks to reinforce pedestrian spaces. The bike parking corrals help improve visibility — a process they call “daylighting” — at intersections, and the city created 100 of them at intersections last year.

I have yet to see a bike parked at that particular bike rack, but I will watch it more closely now.

And now that I can name them, one of my biggest pet peeves: *collapsed* flexible delineators. I have now tripped on two of them, since once they go flat they are not even in your peripheral vision.



  1. I too have tripped over flexible “flattened” delineators but not recently. Good way to break a knee cap. No thank you

  2. I had a nasty fall on one of them also.

  3. I was tripped by one that I did not see as it was lying flat in the white paint on a crosswalk. Cracked my head, had two black eyes, stitches, three broken ribs. These things are a menace.

  4. Took a nasty tumble on one near Duane Park last week. It was removed recently. I guess someone finally got the message.