Where in Tribeca?

Sonia Stock sent along the image of this relic — does anyone use these still? And if so, what’s the fee? And where is it?

…And Robert found it: the westside of Church between Reade and Duane.



  1. I used to refill these ATMs as a side gig until 6-7 years ago. Yes, people use them, especially in locations like bars and nail salons where people often pay by card but are expected to tip in cash, but I imagine this has changed in the last few years with the advent of tipping via touch screens. And then there is a surprising number of unbanked people who just use cash all the time.

  2. Is that the one on Church, between Reade & Duane?

  3. Well done Robert! You are correct about the Reade & Duane location. regards, Sonia
    Perhaps Pam will put up the location photograph confiming?