Seen & Heard: Lekka Burger has closed all its locations

Lekka Burger, the vegan burger joint that was founded here in November 2019 and run by South African philanthropist Andrea Kerzner and Michelin-starred chef Amanda Cohen, has closed its other city location. Ours on Warren Street closed in March; as of last month, they closed the one in Urbanspace on Lex and the Goldbelly deliver service. “Effective May 2023, we will no longer be operating our restaurant or wholesale business,” the manager, Jazz Mace, wrote. “This decision was not an easy one, but unfortunately, we were not able to recover from the impact of COVID despite our best efforts.” It was a great product and I thought an excellent addition to the city’s vegan scene…

Even though the whole façade is turquoise — or maybe it’s more accurate to say aqua? cyan? — somehow I didn’t think it would be that same color at the street level and sure enough it is. The shot here was taken this week, as the façade comes together. The hotel says it will open in spring 2024 — four years after construction began.

Just so I can keep a record of these places, J. sent word that there’s another smoke shop — this one at 350 Broadway and Leonard.

K. wrote to say that Battery Park made it into the final shot of the finale of “Succession,” and New York magazine then included it in this week’s approval matrix — in the lowbrow/brilliant quadrant. “Apparently it was the coldest day of the year the day they shot this scene so for those of us who live or have lived in BPC, we can relate!” K. said.



  1. Will never understand how mediocre establishments hang on for decades (see, for example, the hodgepodge of spots lining Church St south of Duane), whereas an innovative, high-quality place like Lekka (or, prior to that, Mulberry & Vine, Miriam’s, etc.) can’t seem to last in the neighborhood notwithstanding a loyal local following w ample spending power.

    Lekka was one of my favorite spots in the city, one of the few places where a “veggie burger” didn’t require any sacrifice re: both quality and taste. There is nothing else nearby that comes close to taking its place :(.

  2. Risking seeming simplistic, I think the “loyal local following” for such–great–places just isn’t big enough to sustain them. I hasten to add that Tribeca has little foot traffic.

  3. Dear Veggie burger lovers –

    Wanted to note that Tribeca (very) part time Resident, and Vegan Formula 1 Driver Lewis Hamilton will be opening an outpost of his rapidly growing vegan Neat Burger chain in Nolita –

    Per the link I found it is set to open April 17th … It will be called Neat in Nolita

    • p.s. Another article mentions that expansion is backed by Leonardo De Caprio and this Nolita location is now OPEN (date!) – 25 Cleveland Place Neat Burger – seven days a week from 10.30am to 10pm

  4. Very sad to hear about Lekka. So few vegan options here.

  5. I was walking down the west side of Greenwich from Canal St yesterday and for a short time a large blank, very yellow wall was visible in the distance. My guess is that it was the back of the Warren St. hotel, but can’t be sure. It stood out like a sore thumb.

  6. Funny how we can’t get loyal followings and some of our shops close yet these smoke shops stay open. Which brings me to my post below.

    Is there a way to tell when a smoke shop is about to open and what we can do to stop it. On Church between Chambers and Reade there are FOUR smoke shops and then you turn the corner on Chambers there are two more. Now we all know at least two of them on Church sell weed illegally and lately has become the “bodega” hang out. Can you always include in these post or on your weekly newsletters the link to report the sell of illegal weed smoke shops. As well when we should stop by the community boards to voice our concerns.