New restaurant coming to The Palm space

A new restaurant for The Palm space at 200 Chambers is on the agenda for Community Board 1’s Licensing Committee next week, and it looks like the applicant now runs a restaurant in East Meadow called NK. I called and got a sort-of confirmation but no other details. (There is also a new snazzy awning…)

While there initially did not seem like much to find online, a bit more digging turned up a post from a site called Toya’s Truths, which recommends three Black-owned restaurants on Long Island. NK Restaurant — which stands for Nuvo Kitchen — has a Caribbean-influenced formal menu including surf & turf with scallops and braised oxtail, pineapple jerk chicken, a grilled whole lobster with mac & cheese. Looks like they are known for their brunch and bottomless mimosas.

Toya called it “a unique fusion twist on traditional Caribbean cuisine inspired by multicultural backgrounds all infused by rum! The DJ and music are amazing! You will want to get up and dance for sure.”



  1. It sounds like a fun place, but I am concerned the music and dancing might be loud for the neighborhood. Any thoughts on that?

    • Isn’t this property facing West St? The music will have to be pretty loud……I hope there is no dancing in the streets, though

    • I… think it’s possible for people who own one restaurant in one neighborhood which plays music to open a different restaurant in a different neighborhood which is not identical to the first restaurant? Possibly so different that it does not even play music?

    • If we’re talking about the old Palm, they would be the only one on the block if i am not mistaken and the restaurant is facing the noisy west side Highway. I don’t see any concern here. We are talking about a restaurant not a nightclub correct. See if they had any complaints in the past if not I will be there to try it out. I love caribbean everything.

      • Just checked out their yelp reviews for their LI location. Lots of negative ones and while I always take yelp with a. Grain of salt, most are complaining about the lack of price transparency, which also solidify with their lack of pricing on their website. This just sounds more like a party/club restaurant than one fit for the locals.

  2. This is exciting.. We can use some good Caribbean in the neighborhood!! It’s a large space, so hopefully they’re able to sustain..

  3. Can’t wait. Music shouldn’t be a concern that place is enormous. I’m just happy to see new places come to our area. Like everyone else that lives in Tribeca we are tired of the same old stuff. My best vacation hands down was going to the caribbean. So if it is anything like that then we have a winner. #NKrestaurant #Tribeca

  4. I hope Jill is trolling because this is such a brain dead comment. Tribeca and New York City needs to be more supportive of hospitality. It’s one of the largest metropolitan areas on the planet and if you don’t like the noise leave the city.

  5. This is a residential building, which also houses a primary school. Across the road, there is several other schools.
    This building and area is full of children. To have a DJ and late night drinking establishment in such a residential building will not only create a disturbance noise wise, but also lead to people, congregating outside for cigarettes and potential noise leaving later in the evening…
    I feel this is the wrong spot for this type of DJ and dancing Resturant.

    • The space faces a highway. The sidewalks are already littered with trash.

      I mean, if we can’t have music and drinking in this location, there’s no place in Tribeca NIMBY will allow it at all.

      • Actually, that particular part of the block has one of the cleanest pavements in the whole of Tribeca, because the wonderful staff of 200 Chambers clean it all the time.

        • Actually, there was garbage all over the sidewalk between the highway and Greenwich St today, and there still is, and that’s actually right next to a school. And it wasn’t caused by a restaurant with acoustic music. Can we focus on the actual problems in our neighborhood?

  6. Please reread my post before you freak out here and note that the blogger’s comments were about the restaurant on Long Island. I have no idea what those owners have planned for this space. Not to mention the fact that children are generally not in school late night.

    • I think there is a lot of confusion around the intentions of this space- which I think might be on purpose by the restaurant and the landlord. Just to clarify on the comment about about schools not being open late at night – this venue is planning on having bottomless brunches starting at 10 am everyday/most days of the week. So it will absolutely impact the schools and the children. The kids will be walking past the club doorman and bottomless brunch on their way to school and the their soccer and baseball games at Battery Park fields on a regular basis

      • The hysteria within this thread is hilarious. Why would any restaurant have bottomless mimosa brunches on weekdays? Who would go?!! Get a grip, people.

  7. Community Board licensing hearings exist to make sure there is harmony between local residents and commercial tenants. They are the occasion for concerns to be voiced, so that commercial tenants can align their intentions with the needs and wants of the local residents. There is no need to scold people for being concerned, however, as much information as possible is needed.

    I have tried to gather as many facts as I could on the restaurant, the building, the neighborhood and the issue of bars, brunches and dancing as it applies to the situation.

    Here they are:

    1. It is indeed the same company that owns the East Meadow restaurant, paperwork checks out.
    2. The license application has the restaurant/bar working 6am-1am on Friday and Saturday and 6am-11pm Sunday to Thursday.
    3. The application is for a full liquor license restaurant and bar with live acoustic and DJ music and patrons dancing.
    4. The East Meadow NK Restaurant has ok reviews (3.5 stars) on yelp, however, when you search the reviews, you will find that many of them mention the music being “extremely loud”, “extra loud”, “very loud”, or in the words of one person “loud, VERY loud, which had the feel more like a club rather than a restaurant with romantic vibe”. Anyone can check this out at the following link:
    5. The East Meadow NK Restaurant features bottomless mimosas brunch every day of the week, according to numerous posts on their instagram:
    6. Any assumption about the nature of the space that goes outside of what’s mentioned in the Community Board notice is speculation, however, this is why the Community Board meeting exists—so anyone can ask the necessary questions and see if the restaurant fits their vision for prospective tenants in the building/neighborhood.

    1. 200 Chambers has people living above the commercial space formerly occupied by Palm starting with floor 2.

    1. There are numerous schools and children’s facilities in the proximity of the building, including Manhattan Youth right inside 200 Chambers, and the next door PS 234.
    2. Even outside of the regular school hours, the neighborhood, the block, and this particular part of West street are constantly teeming with children, since many after-school activities are located here, including Manhattan Youth mentioned above and the many athletic fields, summer camp outposts, etc. And we can’t forget the Washington Market Park, as well, although it’s half a block away.

    Brunch restaurants / bars / dancing
    1. NYC neighborhoods best know for bottomless brunches are Hell’s Kitchen and Lower East Side, as well as Greenwich Village and East Village, all of which have quite a different vibe to the Tribeca/BPC border that is West street between Chambers and Warren.
    2. The two Tribeca restaurants known for their boozy brunches are 1803 on Church and Reade, and Anejo on Church and Walker. Roxy is also of the brunch variety, albeit separate from residential dwellings. The dancing spots that I’m aware of are all on Church as well (Macao, Belle Reve, Ward III). Even if within the same neighborhood, Church street has a distinctly different vibe than West street between Chambers and Warren.

    Adding anything else would be conjecture on my side and therefore unfair, but everyone who has any sort of opinion on the matter of the restaurant opening in the ex-Palm space should use the facts above to ask questions and express concerns at the Community Board meeting tomorrow, Wednesday June 14th at 6pm via

    • I actually wonder how that location ever got a liquor license in the first place as per NY State Liquor Authority…
      “The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law prohibits certain licenses from being issued if the location of the establishment is on
      the same street and within 200 feet of a building that is used exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.”
      Also regarding corner locations…
      “The statute refers to the school/place of worship being on the same street as the licensed premises.The buildings do not have to be on the same block. With respect to an establishment or school/place of worship on a corner lot, the building is considered to be on both streets, whether or not there is an entrance to
      the building on both streets”

      PS 234 annex is clearly used exclusively as a school and the annex front door is less than 200 feet from the restaurant front entrance. I bet previously they just measured from the front door of PS 234 and ignored the annex- very interesting

  8. If you read the CB1 notice posted on the windows, it states they are planning on having live music and a DJ. They plan to operate until 1AM.

    Social media for the restaurant on Long Island boasts bottomless mimosa brunch every day of the week (not just the weekends).

    I think it’s fair to be concerned.

    • I live on the block you’re describing. It’s on a HIGHWAY. The school is all the way across an EIGHT-LANE HIGHWAY. And it would never be open at the same time as the music. Neither would the community center.

      I have about a thousand more serious concerns — about noise from trucks, speeding and radio-blasting cars and motorcycles, about public safety, about homelessness, about the garbage piles outside of Whole Foods being torn open and strewn all over the street — than I do of a restaurant with music and mimosas.

      • J:
        However, what could happen with a restaurant with this “focus” – more Ubers and more folks driving from NJ….

      • Do you live in this neighborhood? PS 89 May be across and 8 lane highway but 234 is right next door, not to mention the Manhattan YOUTH community center, where many of our kids and families go for swim lessons and other activities on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons, exactly when bottomless brunch would be happening… Most of us may or may not remember going to these in our 20s and stumbling out and home. A great new restaurant I. The neighborhood, awesome BUT Tribeca is not a party neighborhood which is why many of us choose to live here…

  9. The perfect restaurant to open in this space would be Hillstone. They closed their UES location and the Park Ave location has been mobbed. It is family friendly and would do very well in the neighborhood not only amongst the residents but also surrounding business large and small.

  10. Though the prospects of a Caribbean fusion restaurant moving into 206 West Streets is understandable given the former resident (The Palm), the prospect of alcohol, dj/live music and dancing combined with the ensuing traffic late into the week and weekend nights two stories below my home is decidedly horrifying and significantly disappointing in that it is being considered at all.

    I look forward to saying as much and more in person (a right I was denied Wednesday, June 14th at 6pm) at the next Community Board Meeting where I’m told a vote to approve NK Restaurant will be decided.

    Hopefully, this time information regarding the date and time of that Community Board Meeting won’t play out like a shell game…so prevalent on Broadway sidewalks back in the day.

    • When is the next community board meeting to discuss? We should make sure to get as many residents of the building to attend and involve the board of the building. Was anything discussed about new restaurant/club?

  11. I live above the old Palm restaurant and this new restaurant will be open until1 am!!! The noise would be a disaster. This is a residential building, I can’t understand it is legal. The community board does not want tenants to be above a 1 am venue but yet they are considering it here. Why is is not equal to other restaurants in the neighborhood that closes at 10pm.

    • Almost every restaurant in the neighborhood goes till 1a on weekends — my guess is the Palm went until 2a. Plus the CB is more liberal with avenues than side streets,

      • To clarify The Palm was only open until 10 pm (Sun- Thursday) and 11 pm (Friday and Saturday) – you can check the remaining online listings for the Palm Tribeca to verify this. I have walked my dog many times past the Palm at 1 am and 2 am and it was NEVER open that late. I think very few restaurants in this area are open until 2 pm. Also, what restaurant has a doorman and charges cover fees? It sounds like a Trojan horse application for a night club

  12. I have been a citizen of Tribeca for more than a decade, and I have lived in my apartment above the Palm space for 10 years. I loved the Palm, and my family loved to go there for an easy dinner with our young kids.

    This is an incredibly different situation. There is no other restaurant in the neighborhood that is open this late on Thursdays and Fridays, and they definitely do not have a DOORMAN and charge cover fees.

    I can appreciate residents wanting new options, but there is no way this is not disruptive to the block. I would be fine with it if they compromised on the opening hours and closed at a reasonable hour. The Palm closed by 10 PM.

  13. For anyone interested.. the upcoming CB1 meetins can be found here… there is one month end.. but i believe the vote will be on the july one.. must be the licensing one…

  14. I guess that’s the risk you take when you move above an operating restaurant space. Even if you like the establishment which is there when you move in, you never know what will come in next. Welcome to NYC. After a quick walk around the neighborhood one might realize that (gasp) most bars and restaurants have people living in residential spaces above! The fact that folks are questioning why a restaurant is permitted in a residential building shows a shocking amount of blindness and NIMBYism.

    Regarding proximity to schools, the establishment must be on the same street as the school for the 200 foot rule to apply. The restaurant entrance is on the West Side Highway (West Street to those new to the city) and therefore the restriction does not apply to either school or Community Center.

    • If we read the regulation as is, I agree that the 200 foot rule may not apply here. However, what is the intent of the 200 foot rule?

      The intent of the 200-foot rule for liquor licenses is to regulate the proximity of establishments that sell alcohol to certain types of community institutions, such as schools, churches, and hospitals. The purpose of this rule is to strike a balance between the interests of businesses that sell alcohol and the concerns of community institutions. By establishing a minimum distance, it aims to prevent potential negative impacts that could arise from the proximity of alcohol establishments to sensitive community locations.

      Given the uniqueness of the Palm space, I think it would make sense to revisit the 200-foot rule given its proximity to PS 234, Manhattan Youth, PS 89 and Stuyvesant high school.

      • That being said, the DJ and late night dancing could certainly be disruptive beyond the noise that a restaurant would typically cause. I think the late night activity of this proposed establishment would not only diminish the peace of this particular Tribeca block, but also devalue the apartments in 200 Chambers, particularly the ones on the 2nd floor.

  15. Tribeca is known for its upscale and family-friendly atmosphere, and we’ve got schools nearby. That’s why I’m deeply concerned about this situation.

    Let’s be clear: If you don’t live in or plan to move into the 200 Chambers Street Condominium, your input might not fully grasp the impact it would have on our community. The noise and disruptions caused by this restaurant would directly affect our daily lives and the enjoyment of our personal spaces.

    Moreover, this restaurant (nightclub) could potentially have negative consequences for the selling and rental prices of our units. This could have an impact on the value of our investments and our overall quality of life in the building.

    I also want to draw attention to the presence of “convenience stores” near the schools selling items like Juul vapes and other concerning products. This is a significant issue that requires prompt attention, as it poses risks to the well-being and health of our students.

    I am strongly against the opening of this particular restaurant. If people are seeking a place for wild parties and letting loose, it would be more appropriate for them to explore other neighborhoods (LES). Tribeca is just not the place!

    • I couldn’t agree more! I love Caribbean foods and agree that we need more restaurant options in the neighborhood. However, the fact that this restaurant will serve bottomless brunches with live acoustic and DJ music, I just don’t think it is family friendly for the neighborhood.

      I understand a lot of posts said this is nyc, if you can’t stand bar, loud music, dances, then you should “rethink” about living in nyc. However, I chose to live in Tribeca because the vibe of this area is so different from East village, LIC, etc. it is super family friendly. I couldn’t imagine how disruptive it could be to have a restaurant that opens to 1am in the morning, not to mention that they also want to start serving breakfast at 6am.

    • You don’t think there are schools and apartments with people who want to enjoy their spaces in the LES?

  16. I welcome any and every (legal)merchant doing business who is willing to come to my neighborhood. I wish them great success. This is where I live. This is where I work. As a decades old 24/7/365 resident in tribeca, the options for just about everything have dwindled. Less affordable food establishments, less available bars, less available hardware stores, less available retail businesses that sweep their sidewalks and keep the residents above them safe merely by existing . Let’s start a campaign to lower property taxes in lieu of risk taking businesses planting their roots in our neighborhood for our benefit.

  17. I bet the lobster mac n cheese is 🔥!!

  18. Things to consider;
    Look at what they are asking for-

    Doorman – required for their business model due to liability with alcohol, bottomless, mimosas ID check

    Cover charge and bottomless drinks – is a club model
    Cover charge tax is lower than liquor tax
    (Cover charge also mostly cash)
    If they do not have cover charge, but they get it out of the food price, the bottomless drinks is still a club model hook.

    Restaurant wide drink specials not limited to the bar but at dining tables is a night club model.

    Spontaneous dancing around dining tables at a restaurant, mimics cabaret or Dance floor nightclub. This is a way of getting around having a legitimately, licensed dance, establishment, or nightclub.

  19. I am writing to you to express my concern about the Eighteen 04 restaurant group’s liquor license application at 206 west street (200 chambers street, the old Palm restaurant space). I am certainly not against having a restaurant in that space, but I’m hugely concerned about the late night noise. The Palm was open until 10pm, even on Fridays and Saturdays.

    The new restaurant plans to stay open until 1am Thursday through Sat, and 11pm Mon through Wed. The Palm had their garbage picked up by 11pm, so that they do not violate NYC noise ordinance. The new restaurant plans to have their trash picked up in the middle of the night.

    A reasonable ask is to limit the hours to 10pm, and have trash picked up by 11pm, or after 7am, to comply with NYC noise ordinance. Above the restaurant is a 30 story residential building, with many families with young children due to the proximity to PS 234. West street is where the patrons to the restaurant will enter/exit and congregate. There are 4 residential units on each floor with windows facing west street all the way up to the top of the building. These are all family size units. Just on the 2nd floor alone, right above the restaurant, the four families with windows facing west street have a total of 9 children, including a 2 year old.

    I ask you to PLEASE reconsider approving this restaurant “as-is” today, and consider the needs of the community and what makes sense in the community.

    Thank you.

    • I will say this again, the hours requested for the restaurant are the standard hours offered to every restaurant in Tribeca. You are asking for a limitation that has never been forced on anyone before.

      • If this restaurant had a classical music trio, rather than ‘ethnic music,’ no one would bat an eye. It’s acoustic instruments, folks.