Nosy Neighbor: Is it art? A prank? A hoarder situation?

I first saw this car on B.’s Instagram (“extra baggage,” she wrote) then C. sent this question: “This car, unbelievably loaded with furniture and junk, parked on Warren near river terrace…Is it art?? A prank? A hoarder situation? It’s either someone making an artistic statement about waste and materialism OR just, ya know, some guy…”

I don’t have the answer! But adding this post to see if someone does.

I vaguely remember seeing the same thing a couple years ago in northern Battery Park City — and took it at face value. But now I am thinking this must be a protest about rent and evictions. But then this later from C.:

“On my walk home I saw a guy with a pushcart piling more stuff on and then it made me think maybe he was just picking up curbed furniture/other items and that perhaps he *thought* he could drive somewhere with it??”



  1. I saw it last night as well- I thought maybe someone found a stash of items being tossed, and was holding them there until they could get a bigger vehicle? But they way they are piled does not look “practical” and seems more curated?

  2. I took a picture of this car last Tuesday. It had a big plywood “BAR” sign stacked on top then. Wasn’t sure if it was a hoarder or art piece either.

  3. If that is a Subaru Outback it might be the same car I saw last summer parked in that same area covered with hundreds (maybe thousands) of post-it notes.

  4. The driver of this car squats in the neighborhood, intentionally takes already-limited street parking spots and charges people who actually need to park their car $15 to move. It’s a nuisance, wrong, an eyesore and needs to be stopped.

    • You are not owed free public parking for your private vehicle.

      …Owner is exercising his “rights” no worse than you.

  5. This is not an art installation. This is as guy living out of his car, hanging out in the neighborhood and probably needs the cops called on him at some point for squatting.

    How this has been going on for so long and no one cares? If he was of another race or ethnicity, he would’ve been gone weeks ago.

  6. “One angry denizen fumed to the local paper, the Tribeca Citizen: ‘ It’s a nuisance, wrong, an eyesore and needs to be stopped! ‘ ”

    NYC ‘parking pirate’ John McIntosh will give up his space for booty

  7. This looks like a wheeled reincarnation of the infamous Papa Neutrinos “Junk Barge” that the Hudson River Park got rid of over 20 years ago from Pier 26!

  8. While I am not myself sure I have seen this particular vehicle before,but acne tell you that as I would frequently drive in all buros of the city while working,I have seen this in almost all of them but you are seeing it more and more after the pandemic. I think that most I’d not all if this is due to people being on hard tines living in their vehicles. I know that no one wants to look at this but the reality is this is whats happening and if you are blessed to have a place to call home that doesn’t have wheel considered your self very blessed not everyone has that privilege,luxury or luck . Times are very hard for lots of people and some are feeling it more that others so please don’t look down on someone who’s going through things because it could be anyone of us. Corporations are choosing to close or cut back but not loose there profits,and CEO,COO, GM and other Executives are showing more and more what they really care about and its not you!