Catching Up With New Kids: URvet Care

URvet Care, a local chain that started a few years ago, opened at 200 Chambers — just west of PS 234 — in February with four exam rooms, a dedicated dental suite, a surgery suite, radiology and ultrasound and on-site pharmacy for dogs and cats. The space is bright and airy, and that is part of the point: their employees are “fear-free certified,” meaning one of their primary goals is to make sure the animal is comfortable.

“It makes it easier to care for them,” said Aimee Stoopler, who founded the business with her husband, Evan, “from the perspective of a pet owner.” “Think of yourself in their position minus the language. One bad incident and their body is imprinted. It even changes their blood work, and without the fear, their vitals are better, the treatment is better.”

The couple raised their family of kids and pets on Long Island, but when they moved into the city they found it harder to find a veterinarian whom they could trust and call on in an emergency — they went to four different practices in two years for their Maltipoo, Mason. “We were very used to one-on-one care,” she said. “We had an intimate relationship with our vets.”

Evan was a trader on Wall Street and saw opportunity in the veterinary space, so they opened their first URVet last fall on the Upper East Side; when we spoke they were aiming to open another four by end of summer and four behind that in the next year. Aimee is a board certified patient advocate — for humans — and specializes in elder care and special needs, so in a way she is not that far from this work. She has staffed this office with six vets who toggle between the two locations.

It’s also a family business: their daughter, Amanda, is an interior designer and designed the facilities and also does all the marketing and creative work. (Their younger daughter is a physicians assistant at Lenox Hill.)

Both locations have all the services — primary health care, dental, oncology, surgical, pharmacy, even acupuncture — and they are open seven days a week. Aimee said they give a lot of treats, and in one case even made a house call: one client who lives at 200 Chambers couldn’t get her cat in the carrier so the staff went upstairs to help out. They will eventually trick out the cat room with a climbing apparatus.

“It’s easier for everyone if the animal is relaxed,” Aimee said. “And we get less injuries. Animals are just trying to defend themselves. And we want them to have a happy experience.”

URvet Care
200 Chambers | Greenwich & West



  1. I strongly recommend URVet! I made the switch from a different local veterinarian for my puppy, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. They are caring, responsive and provide expert services (at reasonable rates). The office is beautiful and their their commitment to creating a stress-free experience truly pays off. My dog loves to pop in for treats when he passes on his walk (as opposed to my former vet that made him nervous).

  2. This is a new home recently for our pet. It’s a truly innovative clinic with great facilities, a warm welcome, and very cooperative and energetic staff. Having knowledgeable doctors for diagnosis of any kind of complex medical treatment so strongly recommend.

  3. This where I now work, after leaving another veterinary hospital just a block over. What a difference. I say this as a veterinary professional for the past (almost) 16 years and not as someone just trying to promote their company – the owners really changed the game for us. They pay us well, the facilities are beautiful, and they take time to show that they care for their team. It’s something I’ve never experienced on this scale. I won’t even go on about the standard of medicine, because I think it’ll prove itself as we progress. As someone who feels adopted by Tribeca, it’s been really great having a hand in making a vet office that’s for the community, and not just the dollar signs.