In the News: Council race gets some notice

The Gotham Gazette covered our council district race, which pits incumbent Chris Marte against Tribecan Susan Lee and BPC resident Ursila Jung. It’s a huge post with a big overview on the district, some prime issues, and bios on the candidates. So if you want to look from the outside in, I recommend reading. Plus I hadn’t looked at the racial breakdown in a while: “The district is racially and economically diverse — its roughly 177,000 residents, per the 2020 Census and Redistricting and You: New York, is 44.9% white, 32% Asian, 13.4% Hispanic, and 4.8% Black.”

The Broadsheet reports that Kings College, an evangelical Christian institution of higher learning located at 56 Broadway, was set to lose its academic accreditation late last month — I did not even know it existed til I saw this story. From The Broadsheet: “King’s College has been fighting for its life this year. In January, the school announced that it needed to raise $2.6 million to fund ‘immediate needs.’ By the February 15 deadline, donors had contributed less than ten percent of that amount. In March, administrators announced that the school was likely to close permanently at the end of the spring term.”

The Post has a roundup of the city’s most significant? challenged? depressing? unfinished development sites and sadly Lower Manhattan has a few: the leaning tower at One Seaport, 125 Greenwich, 45 Broad and a mention of 250 Water. They definitely missed a few!

amNY reports that police are seeking three shoplifters who stabbed a man while stealing from a cannabis shop at 65 Nassau at 7:15p on June 15. “According to law enforcement sources, the three perpetrators entered the shop and began removing merchandise without paying. When a store employee confronted them, cops said, the shoplifters fled — but one of the thieves lost possession of a book bag he carried in the process. Moments later, police reported, the trio returned to the store and got into a confrontation with the victim, a 24-year-old man. Following a brief, verbal dispute, authorities said, one of the suspects stabbed the victim in the right shoulder.”