An update on life after Kings

I stopped in at Kings to hear more about pharmacist Jones Chan’s plans for the future. Kings will close on June 30; patient records have already been moved to the new CVS on the corner of Church and Warren.

Jones himself will begin working there on July 15. And I hope if he ever branches out to his own pharmacy, he will let me know.

CVS purchased the records, but I am sure they can be moved elsewhere. From comments it seems most folks will follow Jones wherever he goes. But as a reminder, there is another owner-operated pharmacy in the neighborhood: Tribeca Apothecary.

And as for what happens to the Kings space, a friend with a small business in the neighborhood stopped in to see if it was a viable space — and they said the rent was very high.



  1. Tribeca Apothecary is wonderful. Helpful and efficient. Of course there are no children’s toys, etc. But a great neighborhood pharmacy.

    • Thats good to hear THe only time I went in there during the pandemic was a bit sad.

      • I absolutely despise your comment.
        Jones and company were helpful and even
        managed to pick up the phone!!
        Another beloved small business lost to the neighborhood.
        But you went in once and didn’t like it.

  2. I will never, ever use a CVS pharmacy unless I’m forced to. I’ll have to see about moving records to Tribeca Apothecary- can’t imagine the hassle CVS will give me.