The mystery of the messages from 85 Franklin continues

I just loved the electric election installation at 85 Franklin, when we first had the “VOTE” sign, then the “WAIT” sign, in 2020, then the “#!…” during Trump’s social media blackout. And all this time it’s been a mystery who was behind the clever commentary.

So then last month I get an email from, thanking me for the shoutout back in 2020 and with a photo announcing a moving sale. I wasn’t able to get over there for the sale to meet them in person, so at least for me, the mystery lives on. I even tried a deep dive on Google to find Random Studio, and while there is one — in Paris and Amsterdam — they replied and said it was not their work.

Even the moving sign was clever. I’ll miss them.




  1. I asked the guy moving out how long he’d been there: “Too long.”
    Asked him where he was going: “Don’t know.”

  2. More windows open to neighborhood character, the better, step up Tribeca!