Marte wins reelection with 63 percent of vote

Incumbent Christopher Marte won reelection to his City Council seat for our district, CD1, with 63 percent of the vote. The tally is as of 10p last night, with 93 percent of scanners reported.

Tribecan Susan Lee got 30 percent of the vote, and Battery Park City resident Ursila Jung just over 5 percent. Another candidate, Pooi Stewart, who ran a stealth campaign, got 1 percent.

These were not impressive numbers overall. In a district with 71,000 eligible Democratic voters, the numbers went like this as of last night:
Christopher Marte | 5053 votes
Susan Lee | 2406
Ursila Jung | 414
Pooi Stewart | 81 votes

There were 22 write-in votes.



  1. I had a chance to speak to Chris and ask some specific questions about affordable housing and congestion pricing.

    I dont think Chris possesses enough knowledge about how affordable housing is financed. But he does know how to campaign. Affordable units need to funded to build, just like market rate units do. Changing the counter tops or flooring doesnt move the needle. Yes we can use more 100% affordable but 100% of Zero (if a project cannot pencil out with more than 30 or 20% affordable) is still Zero affordable units.

    As far as congestion pricing goes, he of course says he wants exemptions for people in the district. I dont agree unless you are below middle income. I have a car and I live here in Tribeca and I am probably on the low end of the income range. I dont deserve an exemption and told him so. Hopefully its just for lower income folks who need to drive for work

  2. I am still curious to see how he handles the illegal weed smoke shop. By the way that new “Bodega” that just opened up next to Los Tacos. Is in FACT a smoke shop that sells chips.

  3. I’m disappointed to see these results. From my experience, Marte does not advocate for working families in a full sense. In winter and spring 2022, I called or wrote his office nearly every week asking why he hasnt stood up against the obsolete quarantine closures that were still plaguing families with children under 5. This means even when just one family reported a Covid case to a school, that entire classroom would be shut down for 5-10 days depending on where we were in the pandemic timeline. This rule became obsolete and counter the science certainly after omicron and was extremely challenging for families w two working parents. My child essentially didn’t have school/care in dec-Jan and mar- apr. Marte never responded to me, never spoke out publicly, the one time I actually had a conversation w a staffer they were clueless. These closures didn’t end until the very end of AUGUST 2022.

    Btw same applies for marte’s stance on keeping only toddlers masked last year.

  4. Patrick, so let me get this straight…you have a car and live here in Tribeca and are probably on the lower end of the income range, but you feel you don’t deserve an exemption? Can I ask why? Do you take your car out regularly? For work? For pleasure? Do you travel in and out of the proposed “congestion zone?” So you’re saying that when you do, you’re prepared to happily pay an additional fee (not cheap) when you return to your home or to your garage? Why is this? You feel it’s your responsibility as a congestion zone resident to hand over more money to the city (actually, the MTA) for the “privilege” of living in this neighborhood? Just trying to understand. Also wondering if there are many more like you. BTW, what do you consider “lower income”, as it was used in your last line, “lower income folks.”

    • I, for one, and encouraged to hear from someone like Patrick; someone who seems to be cognizant of living within a community, and the responsibilities therein, along with an acknowledgement of the negative externalities some choices they make create.

  5. Will something finally be done about the counterfeit sellers?