New Kid Down the Block: Court 16

The underground complex at Fosun Plaza in Fidi — the square block at 28 Liberty and Nassau, Pine and William — now has a small racquet sport facility set up above the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater called Court 16. This is their second location in the city after Long Island City, which opened in 2014; Gowanus is closing but they are opening a new one in Downtown Brooklyn soon.

Court 16 — named after founder Anthony Evrard’s home court from his childhood in Belgium — has four 44-foot tennis and/or pickleball courts (a standard tennis court is 78 feet long, so this is sort of an oversized halfie that works very well for young players) and a practice court with a sophisticated ball machine. The facility is membership based at about $650 a year, with court rentals at $140 per hour. Private lessons cost $155. There are also tennis and pickleball clinics and kids camps in the summer. Check on this with them, but I believe there’s a deal where you can take group classes without joining as a member.

The company has a full-time director of tennis, Nick Nemeroff (in the photo below) who coaches and trains the other coaches. That’s him in the video below demonstrating the ball machine, which looked pretty fun. He said in a six-person class in that space, a participant can expect to hit 250 balls in an hour. (The machine sucks the balls up after they hit the screen.)

Fosun Plaza is a bit of a maze (or maybe it’s just me) but the signage is good and you won’t miss Court 16 once you head down the escalator. The most direct route is entering on Liberty just east of Nassau, but you can also find it from William and the Citi Bike dock.

Court 16
28 Liberty | Nassau & William
Monday to Thursday, 7a to 10p
Friday, 7a to 8p
Saturday, 9a to 4p
Sunday closed



  1. This is AWESOME! Can’t wait to check it out. A welcome addition to the neighborhood especially since the inexcusable closing of Midtown Tennis Club.

  2. Thanks for covering this. After seeing the story, we took my son (under 5) for a first class and he had a blast.