Hallmark store on Greenwich has closed

It seems destined, all too much a sign of the times, but still sad — the Hallmark store inside the Bank of New York building at 240 Greenwich has closed. I heard from N. and R., and we all noted that the store had its charms. Back in the day, that was my source for NYC-themed police cars and fire trucks for the small people in my life. I would think it was a good resource for folks who worked there or at DC 37 around the corner, since it functioned as a small bodega as well.

I will take a moment to lament the lack of stationery stores in the neighborhood: I always got my good cards at Tribeca Treats (gone) or Papyrus (gone) and my stationery supplies at Kings (gone). Maybe Barnes & Noble? (And a shout-out to Roger & Dave and their genius little stores of yesteryear in Chelsea.)

Now, am I out to lunch or is that Chase branch new? And why is there a Chase branch in a BNY Mellon building?

This is also the scene of the stolen POPS, the public open space that was promised (and never quite completed) when the building took away the grid at Park Place. The Department of City Planning allowed the bank to revoke that last year. And it is also the location for the future sidewalk improvements AND a pocket park at the West Street corner.

I’ve got a note out now to see what’s coming — if anything — in its place.



  1. Barnes & Noble has a ton of stationary. A card for every occasion.

  2. Chase has been in that location for over 10 years. You’re not out to lunch – you probably just wouldn’t notice if you don’t bank at Chase!

  3. I’ve gotten some cute cards and stationary at Paper Source across the street from Gotan!

  4. The stationary store probably had trouble after the pandemic and the construction that runs along the whole block. As for another plaza, I had no idea this was coming. The newer plaza across the street is a great place for dogs to pee, poop and I’ve even seen humans pee there. It’s rather sad that you can’t just hang out there without a stream of dog pee beneath your feet

  5. Marshalls has great cards and they’re inexpensive.

  6. A Chase bank branch has been there a long time. BNY Mellon only has institutional clients, no retail branch network. This was due to an asset swap of the Corporate Trust business at JPM Chase with the retail bank at BNYM more than a decade ago. Since the asset swap, Chase bank has kept its location at the BNYM building

  7. The theft of the POP in the atrium is criminal. Is there nothing to do. Considering how egregious the give back was, is there no legal or community action possible?