Seen & Heard: Zucker’s on its way

Zucker’s will host its grand opening next week, but in the meantime, the new space across the street looks great.

Emilia George, the maternity line and boutique on Greenwich, has added a collection of boys clothing called Tribeca Kid, available for fall with pre-order going on now.

State Senator Brian Kavanagh’s office is taking names of unlicensed cannabis shops. He suggests a two-step process: first, check to see if they are indeed unlicensed here. Then report them here. And you can also call his office if that’s easier: 212-298-5565. Might be worth a bit of effort, though really, if the state really wanted to know, they could just use Google…

The Department of Transportation’s Chinatown Connections workshop will discuss short-term and long-term priorities for Park Row and upgrades to public space in the area, at in-person workshops at Kimlau Square from 1 to 7p today, July 27, and at the Brooklyn Bridge Arches on July 28 from 1 to 4p.



  1. To facilitate the reporting of the illegal cannabis shops, does somebody have a handy list with names and addresses of all the ones that have opened up in the neighborhood?

    • Here’s one, at least, that just opened this week:

      Jungle On Mars, 88 West Broadway

      Sales agent for property: Andrew Stern (Newmark), 212.351.9353
      Property owners: B. JAFFE REAL ESTATE CO., L.P.

    • Just search “smoke shop”

  2. Top shelf Convenience
    279 Church Street NY, NY 10013
    First floor
    Unlicensed weed shop
    Please report

  3. Let’s at least ban smoking this noxious substance in public.
    There is a bill attempting to make this illegal.
    Whom and where to write in support of this bill?

    A new New York State bill would make it illegal to smoke pot in public

  4. Smoke shops which have popped up

    – Mr. Exotic – 165 Church Street (b/w Reade and Chambers)
    – Jubilee Vape – 165 Church (they were originally situated there for many years)
    – Smoke Shop – 166 Church Street
    – Smoke Shop – 156 Church Street
    – Chamber’s Candy -165 Church street address but located next to Lot Less (again there for many years)
    – Smoke Shop – 94A Chambers Street
    – Smoke Shop – 156 Church Street Next to Los Tacos
    – Soon to be Ukrainian gallery and seller of packaged good cannabis – 101 Reade street

    If you know this area they are all within FEET (not blocks) of each other.

    – Also the smoke shop on 165 Chambers next to 16 Handles. Kids from the elementary school high school and even toddles can not eat their treats in peace because of the next door illegal weed shop that allows their customers to light up in their pink shed that belongs to 16 Handles.