Chambers Street Wines moving down the street

Photo by Claudine Williams

G. caught the sign in the window: Chambers Street Wines, which has been on Chambers between West Broadway and Greenwich since 2001 (see their Spotlight here), is moving east to 79 Chambers, between the Army recruitment office and the new bike shop and across from Chambers the restaurant, where CSW owner David Lillie is part owner. They will remain open until at the current space until the hour the doors open at the new space, which will sometime in early fall. This is their second move: they were first at #160 on Chambers, and now at #148.

The new retail space will be on the first floor of the building where the business currently has its warehouse, so this will mean while the store will be smaller, the selection will be bigger, owner David Lillie said.

“Covid, buying patterns and demographic changes in Tribeca have lowered our walk-in business — this move will drastically reduce our rent expense and enable us to continue for another 22 years, with a more extensive and expanded inventory,” he said. “We’re incredibly excited for this opportunity to continue to serve our friends in Tribeca who appreciate high-quality, small production organic, Biodynamic and natural wines! We will continue to champion those winemakers who protect their soils, the environment, their employees and consumers by working with organic and regenerative agriculture methods.”

More TK when I can get over there for a sneak peek!



  1. Minor correction, but we were first located at 160 Chambers St. in the old firehoue, from 2001 until 2008. 148 Chambers St. has been our home from ’08- till present day, and now we’ll be moving to 79 Chambers. If we move again maybe we’ll end up at the Brooklyn Bridge!

  2. Woohoo! Closer to my apartment!