In the News: The city’s best croissants

Eater’s critic Robert Sietsema made the rounds of city bakeries to find the best croissants, and three Tribeca spots made the runner-up list, though not without some critiques: Frenchette Bakery: “While it’s not in the classic crescent shape, it is like most other croissants these days and not particularly buttery — perfect in its own circumscribed way, only slightly boring;” Grandaisy: “It excels. It is big, puffy, buttery, and squishy, with a slight but not offensive sweetness;” Epecerie Boulud: “It is somewhat flattened by its very nature, and the taste is spot-on.” NB: Coming in at number one was Arcade Bakery alum Amadou Ly’s bakery ALF, in the Chelsea Market.

Paul Krugman takes on New Jersey and its attempt to block congestion pricing in a lawsuit in his opinion piece in The Times. “What this looks like to me is a vehicular version of NIMBYism — the same psychology that has prevented blue states and cities from building desperately needed housing and may undermine progress on climate change, too…The case for imposing a New York congestion charge as soon as possible is overwhelming, and delaying that policy for the sake of a tiny group of New Jersey commuters would be crazy.”

Fox 5’s Good Day New York featured Estancia 460 as part of its “Countries of the Cup” series about restaurants that feature foods of countries in the World Cup and have those games on the screens.

Gotham magazine features an apartment in the Woods Mercantile buildings at 46 White by Chicago-based design firm Studio Gild. They used materials such as leather, bronze, solid woods and natural stones spotlight the modern, slightly industrial, features and complement the art.



  1. I never agree with much of what Krugman writes but I have to admit, he’s right this time.

  2. Paul Krugman is privileged to mostly work from home and to have a nice apartment in NYC, a home in the Caribbean and perhaps still a third place in Princeton.

    CP is only for capital use – so does nothing for current bus and subway riders who face higher fares and continued service cuts.
    Actually CP won’t help bus riders at all.

    No one drives to/in Manhattan for fun.
    Folks driving in are mostly not the wealthy from Scarsdale or Great Neck.
    Have lost serious respect for PK in his lack of knowledge about who is driving and why.

    • Minor fact check: I live here and park in a garage near the Citi building. I see many people driving in nice cars with NJ / CT / NY plates from 7-9am on weekdays whom appear to live outside the city and drive to/from work on a regular basis.

      There are also many Tribeca parents who retrieve their cars from the garage at the same time to drive their kids to schools outside of the CP zone (UES, UWS, riverdale) who will be taxed unless there is a resident exemption. Idk if it will affect their choice to drive though. I am concerned that CP will deter/harm the working class and not corporations or wealthy individuals.

  3. Congestion pricing makes sense only during rush hours. This is the only time there is “congestion”. Why is it planned to be in effect 24/7? Call it what it is- another money grab that basically penalizes middle and lower class citizens to subsidize the poorly managed MTA.