New gym coming to Franklin

Action Black, self described as the “best f*cking gym in the world,” is opening on Franklin between West Broadway and Church. A. spotted it two weeks ago. It seems this is a local chain out of Colombia, with about 11 locations there.

When I googled them last week there was no US website and nothing in English. As of today they seem to be in gear: there’s now a pre-sale and Google catches them at 172 Franklin. The website now says that Madrid, Wall Street, Brooklyn and Tribeca are coming soon. The website also says they have been covered by Bloomberg and Forbes, but I can’t find those stories — at least not easily.

They describe their workout as semi-personalized training with small groups. The workout is one hour and aims to burn 1000 calories using traditional weight machines, HIIT, yoga, indoor cycling, running, dancing, boxing and weightlifting.

More TK when I get in touch (though there is no contact info either!).




    You can use GoogleTranslate to read the full Forbes Columbia article. I imagine the Bloomberg article is similar.

    “After setting up his first gym in 2015, Wilder Zapata has managed to consolidate a chain that already has more than eight headquarters..This is Action Black, a chain that was born in Medellín in 2021 and which already has more than 5,000 users, eight headquarters in operation, six more under construction in Colombia, as well as new expansion plans in the United States, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.”