Beauty and wellness retailer coming to Reade Street

Somehow I missed that Livly, the Pima cotton baby clothing line, left its space on Reade and West Broadway in April, but work is going on there now for a “beauty and wellness” company (that’s all I was allowed for now!). My guess is a chain, such as newcomers Madison Reed or Plump, both on Duane, but we should know in a week or two when they add signage.

Guess is they are aiming for an end-of-year open.

Livly opened this store in 2015 when they were expanding to Hong Kong and St. Petersburg, Russia; they now have three shops in Sweden, where they first opened in 2011.

This space once belonged to Gill & Lagodich, the fine period framers who have been in the neighborhood for 30 years and are now on Franklin. Jacadi, the French baby clothing line, is still stationed next door.

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