Eulalie is getting closer to opening

Michael Raye Reiss

Eulalie, the restaurant that will open in the former Bâtard space at 239 West Broadway run by chef Chip Smith and his wife, Tina Vaughn, is taking shape. (Thanks to Michael Raye Reiss for the pic.) You can read a bit about it in abstract terms on their blog here. From what I can tell from the images there, they have gutted the space,.

“We are moving along with some cosmetic changes and Chip is having fun experimenting in a kitchen so spacious that I have trouble finding him when I pop in,” Tina writes.

Originally Drew Nieporent, who founded Montrachet in that space in 1985 and allowed it to evolve with with new chefs and new times over the years (it went from Montrachet to Corton in 2008 to Bâtard in 2014), was going to have Smith run the restaurant as a partner, but they decided to go their separate ways. The restaurant is now entirely by Chip & Tina, whose previous restaurant, The Simone, on the Upper East Side, snagged three stars from Pete Wells at The Times.

The Simone had just 11 tables, so that might explain this line from the blog: “The walls have been brought in to allow the space to be more ‘Tina’ size,” she writes, adding, “chairs are on the way, business cards designed…lighting, oh my, what a deep dive down the rabbit hole I went to select lighting…Too many pretty things.”



  1. We can’t wait to see Tina and Chip in their new restaurant.

  2. Tina and Chip – Good to see you still bringing culinary delights to so many friends and family. I will be in NYC in December this year! Please contact me via email One of your oldest members of the Tina and Chip friends and family clan !

  3. Tina and Chip—
    So glad to see you two will once again be providing good food and cheer at a new restaurant.

  4. This news makes my heart happy! My husband and I came to know the culinary magic of Chip and Tina when they had their restaurant, Bon Soirée in Chapel Hill, NC, and then again at The Simone. I can’t wait to come to NY and experience their new venture!

  5. So thrilled to hear about Eulalia. As UES residents, we miss The Simone! Can’t wait to ‘return’ to Chip’s amazing cuisine and Tina’s spectacular service.

  6. Dear Chip and Tina,
    Congratulations on opening your new Restaurant Eulalie. We look forward to dining with you again. We remember all our fine Dinners with your cooking Chip and drinking fine wine from your excellent list Tina. We will be in New York City in October and November and will contact you to make a Dinner reservation. We look forward to dining at Eulalie.
    Dr. Howard Marcus
    Dr. Joseph Ruggiero
    Dorset, Vermont 05251

  7. Dear Tina and Chip,
    So happy for you and for us.
    Looking forward to dining with
    you once again. We hope the
    coconut cake is on the menu.

  8. Dear Tina and Chip, I loved The Simone on the UES and mourned its loss. I’m getting ready to leave NYC but dare not go until I have visited Eulalie and sampled Chip’s miracles in the kitchen and Tina’s kind and welcoming care at the front of the house.
    Best wishes for well-deserved success!

  9. Dear Tina and Chip,

    OMG! Nearly jumped out of my seat as I read that you are alive and well and returning with your incomparable food and service.
    We all miss you so much.
    Please save us a table any night….any time….any number of people.

    Very best wishes for a super successful adventure,
    Debbie Aronson

  10. Such good news!!! My husband and I cannot wait to see you again. Hoping to come for my mid-October birthday. Hope everything goes smoothly.

  11. Tye and I are excited to know that you have a new place. We’ll be there in late November. Can’t wait!

  12. Can’t wait to try your new place. So excited for you!

  13. Dear Tina –

    So excited to hear that you’re heading back to your passion! Although the UES misses you, your fans will continue to flock! I’m heading down to a new property in the West Village, and look forward to visiting so I can share with my guests the warm hospitality and delicious food you two are known for!

  14. Congratulations! We are so happy for you all. It is wonderful to know you’ll carry on your gracious hospitality and classy food in such an iconic space.

  15. Dear Chip and Tina,
    Delighted to learn you will be emerging, albeit downtown. We had so many wonderful dinners (both in restaurant and by delivery during Covid). So looking forward to visiting with you when you reopen.

  16. Chip and Tina from Carolina Blue!!
    Will see u in NYC.
    Jill and Rich

  17. We could not be more excited to sample Chip’s divine food and take in Tina’s impeccable ambiance at this new venture. When we wanted to feel like family and have a sublime meal we headed to the Simone. Now, we will be making Eulalie our home away from home and enjoy the incomparable food and hospitality that define a Chip & Tina experience.