Seen & Heard: F.E. Castleberry menswear coming soon?


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The fashion designer F.E. (Frederick Egan) Castleberry is teasing the opening a new shop on his Instagram (thanks to D. for spotting). More when he and I can connect, but in the meantime, expect tailored and quirky ready-to-wear formalwear, streetwear, shoes and of course made-to-measure suiting. Read more here in Curbed or here in The Post.

The National Park Service is celebrating its birthday today, August 25, with a concert at the African Burial Ground on Duane between Broadway and Centre from 11a to 1p. The performers are Bes and Toni. The rain location is inside the lobby of the Ted Weiss federal building on the corner of Broadway.

T. sent this shot last week: the NYPD collecting piles of counterfeit goods sold on the street at Canal and Broadway, tables and all. “Looks like they collected quite a bit!” he wrote. “Unfortunately that’s probably only a very small percentage and they’ll be right back at it. It’s a shame because Canal was really turning around pre covid.”

Community members are invited to join the BMCC Downtown Chorus — singers with all experience levels and all vocal ranges are welcome. The ability to read music is a plus but not a requirement as is prior chorale experience. Members include students, faculty and staff from BMCC, as well as residents and professionals from lower Manhattan and neighboring communities. The chorus performs regularly with the Downtown Symphony Orchestra, BMCC Concert Choir and College Chorus. Contact the chorus’ founder and artistic director, Dr. Eugenia Oi Yan Yau, chairperson of the Music and Art Department, at 212-776-7240 or for more information and appointments for auditions.



  1. Supposedly $30 million in counterfeit junk seized, and 17 arrested.

    The counterfeiters were right back out there the next day, like nothing happened. This demonstrates two points:

    1. The “punishments” to those arrested non-existent, so have no deterrent effect.

    2. $30 million is considered a negligible loss to these operations…which indicates how massive this fraudulent, exploitative, criminal industry really is. It’s now a multi-TRILLION dollar worldwide network of scammery. Everything from fake handbags, electronics, medicines, cosmetics, household cleaners.

    Anyone who knowingly buys this junk is consciously supporting organized crime and possibly even terrorism.

  2. Walked by yesterday (Sunday) at 5 pm and the counterfeit market was in full swing. These raids need to happen every week – Immigration officers should be part of the team as well. Agree with Marcus’ above points.

  3. What we need is to stop buying obviously counterfeit junk AND put on a comprehensive educational PSA and program for US and foreign tourists. Like when they started to arrest the johns, it’s the customer that needs targeting too. The vendors will be back because people buy that stuff. So many of the sellers seem to be immigrants, too and pretty sure reporting has uncovered that many are victims of scams themselves, basically being forced to sell fake goods by overseers.

    • Agreed that the laws need to be enforced against the customers. There should be public service info, for sure. For example, any tourist center or visitor web site or brochure or tour operator etc. should be required to prominently inform visitors that counterfeit goods are illegal, and that purchasing them fuels organized crime.

      It’s very hard apparently to enforce laws against buyers because it requires proving that buyer consciously knew the goods were counterfeit, which is all too easy to deny. I remember some interviewer asking a buyer on Canal Street whether they knew the goods were counterfeit. The buyer responded, “I thought they were stolen!” (As if that makes it OK)

      Hence I think the faster approach to clear our streets of this blockage might be to focus on the other violations: obstruction of sidewalk passage; vending without licenses; vending in inappropriate or prohibited areas; etc.

  4. As a “sanctuary city” NYPD cannot work with ICE (immigration), so you can forget about that…

  5. So a convicted and jailed deadbeat is opening a menswear store….only in America.