The saga surrounding Big Gay Ice Cream

This explains why the Big Gay Ice Cream location at 450 Washington has been in the works since December (and why the Seaport location closed): one of the company’s founders is suing his partner for “wrongful and unilateral failures” that “constitute gross negligence, bad faith, and willful misconduct, all while reaping the monetary benefits provided,” according to the suit.

The Times reported the story yesterday: Founder Doug Quint is suing Tribecan Jon Chapski, who, according to the complaint, lives at 130 Watts and who became a partner in 2016, for no less than $1 million. Chapski was given financial control of the company back then, while the two founders maintained creative control. The three each own about 30 percent of the company.

“As a result of …Chapski’s mismanagement of the Company’s finances and failure to pay rents due, the Company’s various locations have been forced to close and/or been evicted, and money judgments have been entered against the various entities and Quint personally,” the suit notes.

Quint claims that Chapski stopped paying rent at the ice cream stores, resulting in evictions — the unpaid rent totaled from each property adds up to millions. The only one still going is on the Upper West Side, though ours seems to be inching forward.

The shop at the Seaport on Front Street closed in fall 2022, I believe, but it’s still on their website. (When I was last there the power was out and it seemed they needed a refresh.)

Like Van Leeuwen, the company was founded in a food truck in 2009 by Quint and Bryan Petroff and they have since published a cookbook, given a TED talk and taken the truck on tours across the country.

And in case your wondering, this from FAQs on the website:
Are you part of the big gay agenda or the big gay mafia?
Yes. Be sure to send us your address information (along with a photocopy of your enrollment card) so we can send you your free microwave oven for converting.



  1. Ultimately a big gay nothing

  2. Who cares about their dirty laundry? Is the ice-cream any good?

    • Just one soft ice cream lover’s opinion, but I thought it was great. I’ve read (but can’t remember the source) that it was made with superior ingredients).

  3. Hi, any update on this? Do they plan to open?