Sneak Peek: Eulalie

Photos by Rose Yardeni

Eulalie, the restaurant that will open in the former Bâtard space at 239 West Broadway and run by chef Chip Smith and his wife, Tina Vaughn, should be ready by the end of this month, with the facade already painted and the interior looking crisp. The couple’s blog,, says that the space now has “an elegant and almost finished dining room that holds a welcome warmth and comfort and of course, my leave your cellphone in your pocket conversation.”

“I have the fresh Reservation Book open, my pencils sharpened, staff swinging into step and wines being slowly put together,” Tina writes. “So excited to open that door soon and see all of your smiling beautiful faces. This will continue to be the website moving forward. Still chipandtinanyc, incognito or not. I will offer updates to our progress, but look towards the end of September as a slightly underground only those who know really know, opening.”

Originally Drew Nieporent, who founded Montrachet in that space in 1985 and allowed it to evolve with with new chefs and new times over the years (it went from Montrachet to Corton in 2008 to Bâtard in 2014 — the pics below are from Bâtard), was going to have Smith run the restaurant as a partner, but they decided to go their separate ways. The restaurant is now entirely by Chip & Tina, whose previous restaurant, The Simone, on the Upper East Side, snagged three stars from Pete Wells at The Times.

The blog said that the kitchen equipment still needs tweaking and they are still staffing up, as well as hanging artwork, which will feature photos from Elizabeth Matheson.

The couple seems taken with Tribeca, “soaking up the historic atmosphere that is so what New York City in the early days was. All we need is a farmer’s market to complete that almost in a small village in France feeling.”

Note to Chip and Tina: we have one! Wednesdays and Saturdays at Greenwich and Duane.



  1. Congratulations! Tina & Chef Chip
    On your new Tribeca home. Look forward to see you soon!🍃🍇

  2. We are so delghted that you are back in business, abd we can’t wait to re-experience your wonderful cusine!
    Susan ^& marc

  3. Echo the comments from your other UES fans of The Simone. I hope that Tina’s message will again remind us of the wonderful atmosphere they curate. Can’t wait to make the trip down to Tribeca – often – to share wonderful evenings again.