Legal cannabis dispensary coming to Murray?

If I am reading the Community Board 1 agenda correctly — and I believe I am — a *legal* cannabis dispensary, the first in the district, has applied to open at 16 Murray, between Broadway and Church. (Thanks to H. for the pic.) This is behind the sliver building on Park Place and is a little tax-payer sandwiched between the former UPS Store and the former Barleycorn, which is now the sportsbar Brickyard Craft Kitchen.

This would be the sixth legal shop in Manhattan; the closest to us now is Bleecker.

It is on the agenda for the Licensing & Permits Committee meeting on Sept. 13 at 6p. You can watch live here. Let’s hope this is the death knell for all the other illegal smoke shops in the neighborhood.

Here’s what I know of the process:
> Section 76 of the Cannabis Law requires that applicants notify NYC community boards of their intention at least 30 days BEFORE they file an application for a license — called a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries, or CAURD, license. For CB1, that means its initial review goes through the Licensing & Permits Committee.
> The new state Office of Cannabis Management is the agency that issues licenses for adult-use retail dispensaries
> So far the state has awarded 463 licenses.

So far there are 23 dispensaries open in the state; 200 licenses were just approved last month.

There are five official dispensaries in Manhattan: Housing Works Cannabis Company on Broadway and Astor Place; Smacked at 144 Bleecker; Union Square Travel Agency on 13th; Dazed on Union Square; Gotham CAURD on East 3rd. See the state list here.



  1. The entire city smells like the skunk-pocalypse.

  2. I usually think Marcus is a little stern, but he is absolutely correct here.

  3. Glad a legal one is popping up

  4. so can now the illegal ones get out of our neighborhood?

  5. I actually sorta prefer the illegal shops…better selection, less hassle.