Kamala Harris shuts down Beach Street

Vice President Kamala Harris spent the afternoon at 60 Beach yesterday — why, I do not know, but J. sent these pics (that’s her in the lavender suit with a secret service woman on her arm) and said she was there rom about 3:30 till 7. Her stepdaughter, New Yorker Ella Emhoff, joined her there for part of the afternoon.

“The block has been closed all day,” J. wrote. “It’s insane.”

J. said there was a rumor on the block it was fashion related, which makes some sense since Emhoff is a knitwear and textile artist and a model (see below) and Fashion Week ended Wednesday. “There were fashion-looking people in and out all day with what looked like clothes coming in for trying on?” J. said.

And just for reference, that’s 60 Beach — in gingerbread.


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  1. The most unpopular politician in American history.
    And they’re going to have to choose her to replace Biden because America has caught on to Joe. So basically she doesn’t have a chance.