Glowing review for a building that glows

The Times has reviewed the PACNYC and their critic, Michael Kimmelman, called it “the most glamorous civic building to land in New York in years.” He also suggests that this is what the complex needed to turn the World Trade Center into a neighborhood.

It’s worth clicking through to see George Etheredge’s photos, since of course the Times had better access and some of the shots are really special.

He of course celebrates the work of Tribecan Joshua Ramus, the building’s architect. He dips into the fact that the percentage of affordable housing at 5 World Trade Center has stalled out at 30 percent (“More subsidized units would be helpful, but that’s a step in the right direction. The World Trade Center may yet turn into a recognizably mixed-use neighborhood.”)

And he notes that the steps leading up from the Memorial Plaza and Fulton Street is a great perch — and should stay that way. I agree and I hope the PAC folks hear it! “The staircase becomes the closest the World Trade Center has to a public stoop for hanging out, which it needs. Fingers crossed, security won’t shoo sitters off the steps.”

Kimmelman suggests that the terrace will be public but I am pretty sure it will not be and instead is part of the restaurant. If it were part of the publicly-accessible lobby, the main route to it would be through the restaurant. I believe it is possible to get to the terrace by walking around the elevator banks? but I will check on that. AND another good thing to check: will the bathrooms be open to the public? More TK.


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  1. Toured the building at lunchtime today. The restaurant (which opens next month) was cordoned off, but the terrace was open. Since there’s a bar there, I suspect it will be closed for special events but otherwise accessible.

    They welcome visitors who are interested in looking around. Lovely space. Great addition to the neighborhood.