Onda is now Sommetbeauty

Onda Beauty, the clean beauty company founded by Tribecan Naomi Watts, Larissa Thomson and Sarah Bryden-Brown, has become Sommetbeauty as of late August. And while the name has changed on the door, I understand the products, services and people will remain the same. Thanks to K. and A. for sending word.

HOWEVER, they are now also temporarily closed at 117 West Broadway (and open in Hampton Bays).

If I am following the corporate shenanigans correctly, Onda was acquired by the biotech firm Amyris in April 2022 or so. At the time Amyris had set a $2 billion revenue target for 2025, according to BeautyIndependent. But then Amyris declared bankruptcy this past August and was planning to sell its consumer brands to improve the company’s liquidity position, according to Reuters.

So then Onda president Jane Fernandez jumped in and renamed the stores here and in Hampton Bays Sommetbeauty. I first checked on it in August, when K. noticed the new sign, and the new company did not even have a website yet but folks were answering the phone. They are clearly still getting up to speed — even the Instagram account is still private.

Meanwhile the Onda website says it is “taking a pause while we figure out our next chapter.”

“It has been our honor and pleasure to bring you the best in clean beauty and we look forward to continuing to do so again in the future. Stay tuned!”