More (Taylor Swift) news from Franklin Street

The news about Taylor Swift is everywhere all at once, and I can’t say I am immune to it. So had to share these from W., who sent them along last night. It must have been Taylor along with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on their way to MetLife Stadium to see Travis Kelce play — see below as they go through security at the stadium. The Post has lots of shots from the game if you need more Taylor content.

I don’t know how these fans do it, track her every movement. I guess they are just triangulating in based on a few data points? In this case, the boyfriend, the game, the friends’ daughter’s birthday party in the neighborhood… Or maybe they just wait all day long and hope they get lucky.



  1. Why are they allowed to block the sidewalk like this with metal barricades? I had to fight through the crowd and have a “discussion” with the security guys to get them to move the barricades while pushing my baby in a stroller.

    • Agreed. I thought the same thing. This is a public sidewalk, after all. If there was security there, they should have kept a clear path for pedestrians to be able to go through.

  2. Someone actually brought a ladder. Maybe it’s a good idea to just carry a ladder around everywhere (and an umbrella, and cookies). Because you never know.