There’s a new grocery store on Canal

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I have yet to make a visit — will get there this week — but there’s a new grocery store on the north side of Canal between West Broadway and Wooster called Happier Grocery. (Thanks to J. for the note — he said he popped in and it looks great.)

The company is an offshoot of another company called Happier People Management, which is also opening a food business of some kind at 161 Water, which has reinvented itself as a fashion and arts commercial building. I will certainly reach out and get more of the scoop, but what I can see is pretty abstract: nothing at all on their website, no news stories and a brief piece on PR Newswire explaining that Happier People is a new platform created this summer that uses tools designed to boost employee engagement and workplace morale. Sounds great! Plus the Instagram is funny.

Looks like the hours, according to Google, are 7a to 8p. And see Tom Miller’s post on the history of the building here.

And this from their job listings on Culinary Agents: “Happier Grocery is launching a new health forward food market as a lifestyle oasis. New York is currently devoid of a broad food and lifestyle experience that adheres to the highest of food quality and preparation standards. We seek to create a buying experience where the shopper need not scrutinize every food label. Where the curation of product will have undergone an extensive selection process ensuring our highest quality standards – organic, often local, free of – preservatives, pesticides, agents, growth hormones, additives, oxidized oils, GMOs, highly processed ingredients…

“Happier Grocery intends to be an oasis of discovery, creativity, and life affirming nutrition and enjoyment – A place of community, a place of positivity, a step toward a Happier world.”


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  1. I saw the TikTok describing it as “the new Erewhon of NYC” and had high hopes, but inside it felt a bit cold and empty (and was mostly bottled beverages vs. actual groceries). Thinking this might be because they had just opened; hoping they have more stocked shelves & variety once they’re in full swing.

  2. I walked by a couple times assuming it was another illegal cannabis dispensary because of the name and the location. I imagined they were masking what was actually being sold. I’m relieved and embarrassed that I’m such a cynic…

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood!
    Hope this will survive and do well here. Good to have in the neighborhood.

  4. I am very HAPPY to see another grocery store in the area!

  5. I took a walk through. Impressive selection of brands. I didn’t see fresh produce, but either I missed it or they haven’t added that yet (I hope they will). Very clean, spacious, open store. Staff all seem very positive and friendly.

  6. They sell a selection of Rancho Gordo bean, which fall into the IYKYK category. The fridges downstairs were empty’ish on my visit – looks like they are still stocking the space, which is two levels. It looks promising!