TAQ taqueria will open in a couple weeks on Warren

A new taco concept — and I call it that since it is not exactly a Mexican restaurant — called TAQ is coming to the beautiful space that was Lekka Burger on Warren, between Greenwich and West Broadway. When I stopped by, they said they hope to be open late October, early November.

The landlord of the property, Miles Group, presented the applicant at CB1’s committee meeting last month — he’s a resident of Tribeca for 20 years and raised his children here — and owns the building next door as well. He seemed very happy to have these operators, a mother-son duo who have a restaurant with the same name in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“It’s a life-long dream to open a restaurant here,” said Mark Messmore.

They’ve had the restaurant in Ann Arbor for six years, and while I don’t imagine the pricing will be the same, you can see the menu on their site. The family is not Mexican but rather Greek in heritage, and the idea is “upscale tacos — a little more gourmet, not your typical street taco.” They call them fusion craft tacos, and they are big and stuffed in 6-inch tortillas with combinations such as grilled Korean beef with cucumber slaw, pesto chicken with balsamic tomatoes, barbecue pork belly with jalapenos.

The hours will be noon to 10p.



  1. My family is Pro-Tacos so this is a great addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Also a member of a pro-Taco household…nice to see some friendly competition with Los Tacos No. 1. Still miss Lekka Burger, though…

  3. Loved this place in Ann Arbor and very excited for it to open in NYC!!