Marcus Samuelsson restaurant at PAC NYC is taking reservations

If you have booked any tickets at PAC NYC, aka the Perelman Performing Arts Center, you now have a chance to make a reservation at Metropolis, the restaurant in the lobby there run by the noted chef Marcus Samuelsson.

The email came to me with very little info, and so far nothing from the press folks. But it looks like reservations are available on OpenTable starting Nov. 1. You can see the menu — without prices — here; inspired by “the treasured culinary traditions of the city’s five boroughs,” it includes oysters, gazpacho, crudo, a hamachi taco, grilled prawns, salads, short ribs, tiger curry, a burger — and a whole dover sole and a “Flintstone steak” to share.

Originally the plan was to be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but at this point reservations seem to start at 5p.

Until the official opening, the restaurant is serving light fare and drinks in the dining room from two hours before and following performances. During intermission, refreshments and snacks are available on the theater level in the MacMillan Rehearsal Lounge and future home of Marcus Samuelsson’s Wine Barre.

Back in September I asked the press team if the terrace, which is attached to the restaurant on its north side, was open to the public and in fact it is: they said it is accessible right now by walking the lobby perimeter. Once the restaurant opens, visitors can access the terrace by walking through the restaurant.



  1. Are tables open for BOOKING now for dates after November 1?
    OR is it that one must wait to November 1 to book?