Nosy Neighbor: What’s going on behind this blue tarp?

L. wrote: This is Broadway between Worth and Leonard on the east side of the street. Any idea what’s happening where that tarp is?

And lucky for me I had a clue, since C. had just emailed a shot he caught of the scene behind the tarp: a new Dunkin Donuts.

When I then stopped by, I learned that the Dunkin is moving from the next block south, and that a shoemaker is coming to the little space next to it. (I applaud any landlord who can support a small but essential business like this, since there are so few left in the neighborhood.) There’s also a hair salon coming to the space just north of Dunkin, 342 Broadway, called Royal Hair Salon run by Suren Thakur, who said he will be open in December.

C. noted that the building, called the Saranac or 95 Worth, used to have a UPS Store that has been shuttered for years (he sent the screenshot below) and the corner was Santander Bank, which is now being subdivided. My pal at the site said the corner space might become a 7-Eleven, but that was not for sure. Right now there’s one a block and a half south, just north of Duane.



  1. A Dunkin’ Donuts is moving in soon.

  2. Dunkin Donut is open for business. Just walked by earlier today.