New Kid on the Block: TAQ

S. has been keeping an eye on TAQ — the fusion taqueria on Warren — for me, and we both ended up there last night, which turns out was the restaurant’s first! Ordinarily I would not introduce a New Kid on day two, but I see no reason to wait (the grand opening is Nov. 1). We both think it’s a great addition to the neighborhood and since this is from a mother-son duo who opened the first TAQ in Ann Arbor six years ago, they know the routine.

The concept is simple: everything and anything in a taco. And the list is expansive. There are five categories (chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian and seafood) with two to five options in each. They all come in a 6-inch soft corn tortilla and they are big — my pal and I had three each and that was plenty. (We also ordered a seventh since it was the daily special — roasted brussels sprouts.) They send out a fork which is a good idea since they are kind of over stuffed and a bit messy but so good.

The flavors are not (necessarily) Mexican — and that is kind of the point. They do not claim to be authentic. In fact, the taco titles announce that right away. There’s a Thai, an Italiano, a Griego; though most of the titles are in Spanish, the flavors are global. Weekends have a completely different taco brunch menu.

I would go back even today for the grilled wild mushroom or the panko-crusted eggplant with the citrus arugula salad. Both have a good amount of greens included — in fact the proportions of meat to toppings was just about perfect. My pal loved the blackened shrimp — when they say there’s kick, there is — and the black beans with sweet potato. You can get any of the above in a lettuce wrap in place of a taco.

All the burritos are $7 or $8; the house margarita was $10. They don’t have their beer ready to go yet, but there is a promise of six taps.

The space was smartly designed by Andrea Kerzner from Lekka Burger to be beautiful yet indestructible — the walls are tiled, but with texture; the wood lattice on the ceiling makes it so much more beautiful and warm than a tiled commercial ceiling. The TAQ folks simplified things — the woven, colorful lamps are now just globes — but it still looks great.

We sat at the raised built-in hightops across from the bar, which are really comfortable — they have a foot rest and a padded seat. Even the bathrooms took me by surprise — they are in great shape.

This is table service, where Lekka was not, and it’s first come, first served (though I am sure they would put a big table together if you needed it — they can seat up to 10). And the staff was really, really lovely. Tell Michael we said hi when you go by.

TAQ | Taqueria Restaurant & Bar
81 Warren | Greenwich & West Broadway
Seven days, noon to 10p



  1. Anyone try this yet? Love tacos. Still bummed about losing Lekka Burger though…

  2. This seems like a great addition to the neighborhood – can’t wait to try!

  3. I went last night with 2 hungry teenagers. A very friendly welcome and good service.
    This straddles the difference between fast food and restaurant- in other words perfect for a 1 hour in and out meal.

    We had 3 soft drinks (only $3 each) sharing chips and guacamole (v good) and 2x tacos each. The bill was a very reasonable $65 ish plus tip.

    A few of the tacos were v spicy- not a criticism but an advisory note. We had a mix of chicken, pork and beef- all v tasty and decent size.

    The only thing we didn’t love was the music – for which teenagers views matter more than mine perhaps, but it didn’t match the vibe of the restaurant.

  4. Went with family – tacos and tres leche cake were very tasty and staff was nice.

    But puzzled by the seating design/set-up at the back of the restaurant…?
    A bit stark IMO – seems to me that more color/cheer would be better.

  5. Been recommending this place to everyone; tacos are filled to bursting with fresh, delicious ingredients ranging from beef to vegan and everything in between. Incredibly, the prices are so low you’ll think you’re in Tribeca cerca 1980: $7 each and two of them will suffice as an entree. Have those with one of the professionally fashioned house margaritas and you’ll get out of there for less than 30 bucks before tax and tip. If you’re tired of spending a fortune in our “neighborhood” restaurant and just want a casual, unassuming and very cozy joint to enjoy with your partner, friends or the kids, you can’t beat this place!