Brooklyn Bread Cafe coming to 111 Murray

A. caught the new signage on the former OneSeed space at 111 Murray, between West and Greenwich, last week: it’s the third location for Brooklyn Bread Cafe, a sandwich shop out of Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. (Thanks also to M. for the note.)

A quick tour of the website makes it seem that they are a 7a to 4p operation that specializes in the BEC (including some originals like the Montague Street: egg, hot pastrami, melted swiss, hash brown, chipotle mayo on a bgael); brick oven bagels (looks like they have a flat one too); and more than 60 sandwiches. Looks like the egg sandwiches range from $7 for egg on a bagel to $16 for the “South Beach”: egg whites, melted mozzarella, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato and everything seeds. They also cater.

I hope the watered down work crowd can keep them alive.

OneSeed was the first business in that space (which is on the opposite side of the pocket park from the residential tower). Local resident Nicki Hamilton opened there during the pandemic, which was very tough, and closed in January. She is still catering. 


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