Emilia George maternity store was burglarized early this morning

Emilia George, the maternity boutique on Greenwich and Duane, was burglarized early this morning at 1:40a. The burglar smashed the window on the door and grabbed as much merchandise as he could carry on the bike he arrived with. I should be able to get the full police report tomorrow.

Owner Elle Wang said police were there very quickly — the space is alarmed — and security footage showed that the thief came with the intention to rob the store.

“It’s so unimaginable to experience this in the area. My head is still spinning,” Elle said when she texted this morning. “What warmed our hearts was customers continued to come in throughout the day and make purchases even though we had shattered glass and empty racks. What a great community Tribeca is.”

Elle started the company here in early 2021 and opened the storefront in late 2022.