In the News: Picking favorites among neighborhood restaurants

The excellent nightlife blog The Infatuation thinks we are home to “thoroughbred dogs and multimillion-dollar condos that are only occupied a few months out of the year,” but they still made a diverse list — though of course not exhaustive — of the neighborhood’s restaurants. “If you know where to look, you can also get a casual bowl of rigatoni, or a breakfast sandwich with an inch-thick slab of scrambled eggs.” Their list names Frenchette, L’Abeille, One White Street, Rigor Hill Market, Shion 69 Leonard, Au Cheval, Locanda Verde, Tara Kitchen, Terroir, Smith & Mills, Tiny’s, Takahachi, Terra, City Vineyard, Edward’s, Walker’s and Pepolino.

The West Side Rag reports that the city will wait to install the congestion pricing overhead sensors at 60th Street, the top of the Central Business District, until after the Thanksgiving Parade, so the structures won’t block the way as Snoopy and pals head downtown from the Museum of Natural History. From The Rag: “Lots of groups are hoping to gain exemption from paying the incoming congestion pricing tolls in Manhattan next year, and Snoopy, Buzz Lightyear, and all of their friends have succeeded.” I never realized that every year, the city has to remove street infrastructure like traffic lights to make way for the balloons.

Melissa Clark’s column today in The Times is all about nostalgia, and she links to Martha Rose Shulman’s recipe for miso glazed fish to mimic the classic Nobu order, and because she is such a good food writer, this made me drool: “The dish became a viral hit of its time when the restaurant opened in TriBeCa in 1994, and for good reason. The combination of miso paste, sake and mirin works magic on the silky fish fillets, singeing under the broiler until the edges blacken and the glaze turns savory and caramelized.”

ARTnews reports that Anat Ebgi Gallery has taken two floors at 372 Broadway, between Franklin and White. “The 5,000-square-foot landmark space will span two floors, on-site storage, a viewing room office, and a mezzanine level, exceeding the gallery’s three locations in Los Angeles. The opening in Tribeca marks an ambitious return for Ebgi, who is from the East Coast and lived in New York for several years before moving to the Los Angeles in the fall of 2008. Ebgi has been expanding her gallery to three locations on Wilshire Blvd, Fountain Ave, and La Cienega Blvd.”



  1. Quite a few eyebrow-raising omissions from that Infatuation list.

  2. Cafe Clementine is great.

    Glad they were able to re-open/move to Greenwich

  3. I’ll vote for Petrarca. Our favorite. Always a great meal there, and the staff and service are friendly and great. Fresh pastas are fantastic. It’s also a good sign (I would think) that some of the same staff members have stayed there for years, which I hope means it is a happy work place for all.

  4. Glaring omission: Estancia 460, which has been here serving GREAT food since ’90s..having survived 9/11, Sandy flood, and covid pandemic…a neighborhood treasure with superb food.

  5. Odd list to say the least. The Odeon and Max are huge oversights.