Warren Street Hotel scheduled to open February 1

I knew the design team for the Warren Street Hotel was in town — as you walk past the hardhats on the site, a quick glance down shoes that some of the footwear is not to code (think embroidered moccasins vs. steel-toed Timberlands). Kit Kemp, who with her husband runs Firmdale Hotels, said in a recent Instagram post that the hotel is scheduled to open on Feb. 1. This is great news for them, but also those of us who are excited to reclaim the sidewalk.

The construction fence did get pulled back last week to the curb, and the design touches are already coming together. Walk by at night and you can see the chandeliers in the rooms; the lobby has the beginnings of some of Kemp’s flamboyant use of color and pattern coming into play. Her daughter, Minnie Kemp, is the design director for the US hotels for Firmdale, as well as the residential director for Kit Kemp Design Studio.

The final stats: 11 stories, 69 guest rooms, a 150-seat restaurant named Warren. And along the way, 76 complaints to the DOB largely about damage to neighboring buildings, which should be a cautionary tale around here but it never is.



  1. I can get over the blue, but how did they get that yellow approved…

    • It’s not subject to Landmarks.

    • I don’t care for the color scheme but I strongly feel it’s the owner’s right to choose what color they want their building to be and not the City (and especially not nosy neighbors).

      Anyway, I bet this gets repainted within 10 years.

      • Fully agree they should be free to choose their own color. Mystifying that they would want to be the same color as a Howard Johnson’s. Also think they probably will reconsider and repaint.

  2. I can’t get over the blue. Very unfortunate choice of color.

  3. Love the color and love that it brings something new and exciting to Tribeca besides another yoga stufio or kids centric shop

  4. So were the damage claims from neighboring buildings resolved satisfactorily?