A new campaign in support of Israeli hostages appears around the neighborhood

Sonia Stock spotted it first: on the side of a lamppost near Zona Tribeca, and at first she and I were thinking it made a good Where in Tribeca? post. But then we spotted the fine print on the image of the baby: 10.7.2023. And on the other side, an Instagram handle: @eye.sticker.

The posters are part of an awareness campaign created by an anonymous street artist for the 38 children, some as young as 9 month old, who were kidnapped by Hamas from Israel on Oct. 7 and remain hostages in Gaza.

The artist, a woman, is an art director professionally and was previously an architect; her street art began as giant pink “eye” stickers in 2020 during the pandemic and grew from there. She now creates digital art and also paints.


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