The neighborhood gains another Michelin star

Sushi Ichimura, the omakase sushi spot that opened recently in partnership with the L’Abeille folks, received one star Tuesday night from Michelin. Citywide there were eight new ‘one stars,’ two new ‘two stars,’ and two ‘green stars’ — Michelin’s rating for restaurants that commit to a sustainable approach to gastronomy. (In case you were wondering, there was a party Tuesday night at L’Abeille in anticipation that included a series of customized Cadillac Escalades surrounding the restaurants.)

This from Michelin on Sushi Ichimura: “Among real sushi enthusiasts, Chef Eiji Ichimura is a household name. His career in the city spans two decades, and his commitment to edomae-style omakase has shaped this city’s sushi sensibility. He now finds himself in Tribeca behind a 10-seat counter made from gorgeous cedar wood. In some ways, there are no surprises: He works meticulously and at his own pace, slicing fish flown in from Japan three times a week. His rice is defined and generally warm, and his uni and caviar sandwich as well as his double and triple-layer tuna nigiri are still signatures. There’s just one thing: the price is steep [$425 plus tip], but that doesn’t faze his regulars, of which there are many. But regular or not, he treats everyone like a guest of his home.”

Sushi Ichimura opened in June, and it will likely be the chef’s last restaurant. He’s 70. Ichimura earned his first Michelin stars — two of them — here in Tribeca at Brushstroke in 2014. Tribecan Rahul Saito’s L’Abeille earned its own star a year ago. Saito had been a regular at Ichimura’s last spot, Uchu (also two Michelin stars).

The neighborhood’s (and I added in Fidi and Soho to this list) other stars remain:

Previous Two Stars
Cuisine: Contemporary

Cuisine: Korean

Cuisine: Contemporary

Previous One Stars
Crown Shy
Cuisine: Contemporary

Cuisine: Japanese

Cuisine: French

Le Coucou
Cuisine: French

One White Street
Cuisine: Contemporary

Shion 69 Leonard Street
Cuisine: Japanese

Cuisine: Contemporary



  1. I could be wrong but believe L’Appart- the French restaurant inside Le District-is a previous recipient of one Michelin star.

  2. I was excited to try this place until I read the $425 plus tip per person – Yikes! I’m sure this place is good but our neighborhood doesn’t need another restaurant that cost $1000 for me to take my wife out for date night.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Tribeca has lost its way and its mind. This pace is unsustainable.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It would be nice to have some good, moderately priced restaurants open in this neighborhood.

    • Will also agree with the above sentiment. I can even get $200 or $250 per person for a special occasion omakase but $450 is Masa pricing (and three stars if you’re counting) and not what Tribeca needs. I can go to Nakazawa for a high end experience and it’s under $200 pp for a fantastic Omakase. I am sure the owners read Tribeca Citizen, and if you really want to appeal to the locals, this pricing isn’t it.

      • Last I checked Masa is now $950 per person. When is the $450 pricing from?

        The same group also did open a casual restaurant next door and you can walk out with a full meal for less than $100 per person (including wines!).

  3. We need cozy cafes not crazy priced restaraunts.

  4. Good to know there are others who feel the same way. Tribeca has long lost its soul and turned into a brand of gold plated life style and attitude. Regulars for $1000 meals, sure.

  5. The Odeon, hands down the restaurant with the best food, best prices and best people watching. Never a bad meal there