Blue Revel mopeds will leave the neighborhood this weekend

ICYMI, Revel, the Brooklyn-based electric vehicle rideshare company that had its blue mopeds scattered all over the neighborhood and the city — 3000 of them at one point — will remove its fleet from the city on Nov. 18.

“After five seasons, we are making the difficult decision to end Revel’s shared electric mopeds,” the company wrote on its website. “On November 18th, we will close down moped service in both New York City and San Francisco. If you have any moped credits remaining in your account, we encourage you to use them before November 18th.”

New York and San Francisco were the last two markets in the country. The company will now focus on its electric rideshare cars and EV charging business. They now have three superhubs — in Long Island City, South Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy — with one coming soon in Red Hook. “By 2024, we’ll have superhubs powering New York City’s drivers in all five boroughs and beyond,” the company says.

TechCrunch had the story first: “Shuttering mopeds represents the end of an era for Revel — the Brooklyn-based company got its start as a small Bushwick storefront with 68 electric mopeds in 2018. By 2021, Revel had more than 3,000 e-mopeds in New York City and another 3,000 across Washington, D.C., Miami and San Francisco…As Revel’s other business units grew, demand for its shared micromobility offering began to dip…Robert Familiar, a spokesperson for the company, told TechCrunch that ridership dipped about 30% in both San Francisco and New York year-over-year from peak summer rides, making the service unsustainable.”

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