A slew of state cannabis dispensaries are coming to the district

There are a ton of cannabis license applications lined up with Community Board 1 this Thursday — 23 applications to be exact at 14 locations between Tribeca and Fidi. (Sorry for the late notice — must have been distracted by Halloween when the agendas were sent.)

And while originally these licenses were to go through the Licensing & Permitting Committee, as do liquor licenses, they are now filtering through the board’s Executive Committee, made up of the chairs of the board’s committees. The meeting is Nov. 16 at 1 Centre, room 2202A-North; you can also tune in here live.

Applications through the state’s Office of Cannabis Management opened up on Oct. 3, hence the onslaught. So far only one other had trickled through — planned for 16 Murray (more on that soon). Applicants have to notify the community boards in the city at least 30 days before filing the application. Here’s the rundown, starting from the north:

  • 386 Canal, Jordan Forrester (at West Broadway)
  • 312-322 Canal, Jordan Forrester (between Broadway and Church)
  • Two applications at 161 Hudson
    Good Day Flower LLC
    Nicole Polsinelli
  • 253 Broadway, AlafPlus (at Murray)
  • Four applications that look like they may be at the same space, all at the southeast corner of Wall and Broad:
    1 Broad Street, 1B TH LLC
    15 Broad Street, 15 B TH LLC
    23 Wall Street, 23 WS TH LLC
    35 Wall Street, 35 WSTH LLC
  • 34 New Street– Green Theory (at Exchange Place)
  • 40 Water Street, Sadar Adil Khan (on Coenties Slip)
  • Five applications for 80 John (at Gold)
    GSEBAT Inc
    NSEBAT Inc
    DTPFF Enterprises
    Canna Dreams
  • 88 Nassau, Mailk Zindani (at Fulton)
  • 96 and 110 Greenwich, Happy123NYC LLC (at Rector)
  • 120 Greenwich, OMG NY Retail Holdings LLC (at Albany)
  • Two applications at 111 Fulton (at William)
    New York THC Company
    Statis NY Holdings LLC
  • Two applications for 176 Broadway (at Maiden Lane)
    Broadway NY Canna Ventures LLC
    Encore Retailer II LLC


  1. Are all these servicing the tourist industry?

  2. Welcome to Skunk City.

  3. Any rules about how close they can be to an elementary school?

  4. Yet the extortionists known as the MTA and DOT want to charge drivers who pay for parking, licenses, inspections, registration and insurance, unlike bicyclists, a congestion fee to help with the environment. Every block in this city smells like a pot party which we shouldn’t be subjected to just to have the state make even more money that we taxpayers never see the benefits of. Not to mention adding to the crime stats of smoke shops being robbed and people being assaulted.

  5. 96 Greenwich currently is Cat Sports Bar. 110 Greenwich has the tourist shop one the ground floor. There are already 2 smoke shops on that block. One in 101 Greenwich (only sells cigarettes) and 108 Greenwich, which sells weed. That used to be Suspenders, and Subway prior. 120 Greenwich is a residential building also, but they have been renovating the Greenwich side, so I guess that is where it will go.

  6. These are regulated legal dispensaries. So better than the illegal ones that currently dot the neighborhood, all things considered.

  7. So what about the ones that are already in place… AKA the illegal ones.

  8. Such a great message that the two biggest social changes this city has experiences since 2020 are weed shops everywhere and legalized sports gambling. Having New Yorkers broke and high is certainly a wonderful step towards bringing back the NYC from the 70s and 80s.