Barcade coming to part of the old Century 21 space

Barcade, which was scheduled to open in the old Amish space, seems to have toggled to Cortlandt Street, taking part of the old Century 12 store between Church and Broadway.

Originally they were aiming for the space on West Broadway from Murray through to Park Place; I never did listen to that liquor license discussion with Community Board 1 back in April, but they just got approval from CB1 last week for this new location. This one is a total of 12,000 square feet, with 6500 for the front of house; there are 65 restaurant seats and a room downstairs for private events. There will be 50 seats in the restaurant, though I imagine many more among the games.

They asked for 2a on the weekends, but CB1 gave them Monday to Thursday till midnight, 1a on Friday and Saturday and 11p on Sunday.

Barcade® describes itself as “the originator of the arcade bar concept” and they have even registered the name as a federal trademark. The original is in Williamsburg, which the four founders opened in 2004 in a former metal shop on Union Avenue. They are still the owners, along with a small group of private investors.

Their bars feature 40 to 75 video games — Asteroids, Millipede, Pac-Man — and pinball machines mostly from the classic period of the 1980s as well as 25 to 30 American craft beers on draft plus a full bar and pub food. (Sounds a lot like the ESPN Zone, if anyone remembers that from Times Square.)

From their website: “At the time, Kevin and Scott were working in graphic design, Paul in film and television, and Pete in advertising. Paul had just completed directing the feature film ‘American Beer,’ a road trip documentary profiling the American craft beer industry, and the friends were spending time drinking craft beer and playing the classic 1980s video games that lined the walls of Paul’s Williamsburg loft.”

There are now seven locations total, including one in the East Village as well as Jersey City, Philly, New Haven, LA and Detroit. It seems like they might have closed a couple recently…



  1. I’ve been to the one in the East Village a few times, and it was quite fun. Those classic video games have a charming simplicity, and can be quite addictive!

  2. Shame that Tribeca killed yet another promising business in its area

  3. Good news: if this is like the other Barcades, it’ll be nothing like ESPN Zone, thank god. 90% of the games are throwback arcade games, if not 100%. Not an un-friendly place, but not the type of place for a kids bday party, or for kids to be running around. Beer a big focus.

  4. Seems more fitting for that area. What will replace Amish?