2023 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Unique Among the Unique

This neighborhood has a few shops that are not only one-of-a-kind in the city, but in the region. You can shop your whole list within steps of your door. Plus scroll down for a list of local framers, to gift something truly personal.

57 Warren St | West Broadway and Church)
I could do all my shopping at Korin, and in past years I have.
••• Bring the shabu shabu pot (stainless, $67) and the portable gas stove ($99 — the butane canisters are $3) as the house gift that keeps on giving.
••• These donabe (clay pots) are beautiful and can be used to cook stews or udon over a gas flame; some chefs argue that food tastes better cooked in earthenware. $24 and $40.

122 Chambers | West Broadway & Church
A Tribeca stalwart, the poster museum has thousands of vintage finds and also smaller printed collectibles.
••• The British pop artist Peter Gee spent most of his career working and teaching here in his Tribeca studio. and the poster shop has a huge collection of his prints. “He was really a genius,” Philip said. $300 to $800.
••• A great way to remember a recent trip: vintage travel posters. Greece is $600; Olympics in Paris is $1200.

88 Leonard | Broadway & Church
The family business leads safaris, commissions modern African crafts and collects and sells antiques.
••• The Zulu beaded necklaces from South Africa are very wearable, but also make beautiful wall art. $25 to $150
••• The painted wood Baule masks from the Ivory Coast are new in the shop. Each one is different. $300 to $500

165 Hudson | entrance on Laight | open Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 7p
The wonderful jewel box of a store by Tribecan Al Abayan is filled with unique treasures that are uncategorizable.
••• Do the whole tree with icons in felt, starting with Queen Elizabeth in honor of the new Crown season release. (And that’s Dolly and Kusama next to her.) $30 each
••• I don’t know yet what I am going to fill this utility box with, but I am getting it for someone. Comes in green and tarmac black too. $75

58 Warren | West Broadway and Church
The independent bookstore is a rare find. Celebrate it.
••• It’s always murder season on Warren Street. Assemble an Agatha Christie gift set with bingo ($35), classic paperbacks ($3-6) and playing cards ($14).
••• For another fun group activity, try solving the murder with the gang. $17 and $19

253 Church at Leonard and Franklin
*The* pitstop for chefs and construction workers, there’s always something fun for civilians in this place. In Tribeca since 1938.
••• The Stan Ray chore coat in denim has the workwear DNA and is the latest fashion trend. $99
••• OK Uniform makes up these old-timey Tribeca businesses, which is funny since they are actually the original. Sweatshirt for $37

Celebrating 51 years, the store has collections of military items from around the world.
••• My kids are loving these German work pants in bright colors that I scored for them last year and there’s still a lot in stock. $49 to $59
••• Send one of these army bags out to be monogrammed, or add patches from the front of the store. $35 to $45

177 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
Based in Detroit, the watchmaker always has the craftiest gifts.
••• Because adding style and design to utilitarian items you stare at every day makes everyone happy. Extension cords for $250.
••• Shinola is offering their original watch, the Runwell, at their original price, and it’s a classic from 2013. A limited run of 1000. $550

217 W. Broadway | White and Franklin
Tribecan Andy Scheman is the third generation owner of our last remaining hardware store — and he has great gifts for the practical sorts.
••• Skip Amazon and grab the season’s favorite water bottle here: the Stanley flip-straw tumbler. $30
••• Again, blow off Amazon! Everyone needs a Sodastream and Tribeca Paint is an official retailer. $100

117 West Broadway | Reade & Duane
Tribecan Larissa Thomson has relaunched the clean beauty shop and spa at its original location.
••• This is not a hint, rather a treat: Salt & Stone deodorant in lavender and sage. $20
••• Scarlet Johansson’s skin can’t be wrong, and she now has her own line called The Outset. Kits are coming in, but we want the face exfoliator in our stockings. $34

138 West Broadway | Duane & Thomas
Yes, it’s a pharmacy, but the front of the house has all sorts of hard-to-find beauty products.
••• My old pals Malin + Goetz have something new every season, but the essentials kit is a gift that will last for months. $32
••• The Glasshouse candles and diffusers are super cute for the holidays and we didn’t see them anywhere else. $65

112 Hudson | N. Moore & Franklin
••• For a really fabulous gift, treat your favorite to one of Alice Kil’s flower arranging or candle making classes. Check her website for the schedule — there’s hanging wreath and winter bouquet coming up. $120 – $180.

452 Broadway | Howard & Grand
The one honorary Soho mention on this list: the famed Chinese emporium moved during the pandemic from Walker to one block north of Canal.
••• The lacquered and layered betrothal boxes could be hiding some other treasures — gifts inside a gift. $45
••• These are meant to be snuff boxes but work great for perfume. They are painted in the inside! $12.50

186 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
The freshcut, freeze dried roses last for at least a year and can be custom ordered.
••• This year’s holiday line in silver and red. $459