2023 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Baubles

While you’re out and about, there’s no rule saying you can’t pick up a little (or big) something for yourself, too. We did!

93 Reade | Church & West Broadway
Sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale bring their talent and excellent eye to their parents’ company, founded 47 years ago in Fidi.
••• These Oera knot rings are nested — there are two in this picture — and inspired by Mesopotamian rites and forms — the knot symbolizes and protective bond. Handmade in Italy in 19k yellow gold. $1900 and $2850, from top to bottom.
••• These are stunners: freshwater pearl textile earrings by Amáli that could be worn every day or for special occasions. Inspired by the designers travels in South America where she learned the art of macramé. $875

24 Harrison | Greenwich and Hudson
Tribecan Rachael Elderfield fits hundreds of fab gift ideas in her diminutive shop, and she has great taste.
••• Handmade ceramic flowers that Rachael brought back from the Greece island of Sifnos that pop for the daily wearer of black. $169 to $189.
••• You can’t have just one: Gigi Clozeau beaded necklaces. $395 to $995 for the ones with diamonds.

52 Lispenard | Church and Broadway
Tribecan Beth Bugdaycay’s unique collection of modern heirlooms revolves around a lexicon of mythological and classical symbols.
••• These wine stoppers reflect the Foundrae tenets of karma, true love, revery, resilience and protection so your gift comes with a message. $450
••• The “resilience thorn” kind of sums up life — flowers on a thorn for the woman who has had a tough year but came out on top. $1600 and $2495

160 Franklin | Varick and Hudson
The “maverick” of jewelry technique often works in 24 karat gold in making his truly unique designs.
••• Gurhan’s specialty: hand hammered 24k “vertigo” beads strung with pave beads intertwined. $28,965
••• Diamond cluster earrings that really sparkle for the holidays. $7015

176 Franklin | Hudson and Greenwich | by appointment only
You can only shop for Yoshinobu Kataoka’s “wearable art” here or in Tokyo. Plus, we were lucky to meet him during a rare visit to the US!
••• The pearl drop earrings were new to us this year and are so elegant. $3280 on gold
••• And because these look like jewels for daily living, Toyama-based glass artist Peter Ivy’s handmade jars. We would get the midsize and fill with coffee or loose tea, depending on the recipient. $315 to $595

52 White | Church and Broadway
Ted Muehling’s organic designs are a favorite with my architect friends for their immaculate proportion and balance.
••• So new this season that it isn’t yet named: a choker that can be made to size. $$2600 to around $7000 for gold, depending on weight
••• Muehling celebrates all things from the natural world, and the canary (there’s also an egret) scarf or hair clip is this season’s homage to our feathered friends. In oxidized bronze or silver. $2200

71 Murray | Greenwich & West Broadway
Yafit Goldfarb partnered with her mother in Seasonal Whispers for 25 years before creating a fine jewelry line, Goldish, with her daughter Tyler.
••• Crown necklaces come in single, double or triple — but in this case more is more. $188 to $388
••• We loved the woven and sparkly starlight earrings in the smaller size. $288

156 Reade at Greenwich
The latest project from Alex + Ani founder and Tribecan Carolyn Rafaelian. (Alex, Ani and Livy are her daughters.)
••• Cueing it up for Hannukah, stars of David on a silk slider, so they can be worn at any length. $58
••• So much of the pieces here are unisex, but men would especially love these cuffs, in silver and tri-alchemy metal that has gold, silver and copper bonded together. $98 to $198 in silver; $298 to $698 in the tri-alchemy

71 Hudson | Jay & Harrison
Esther Lixenberg’s original designs have been handmade in Tribeca since 1990, and featured in just about every fashion magazine in every season since then. You are buying wholesale at her store.
••• Esther’s “potato chip” design for seasonal sparkle. $161 for the small.