In the News: Man scales crane at 45 Park Place

The Post reports that a 20-year-old man was arrested on Sunday after scaling the crane at 45 Park Place on XXXX. (Thanks to J. for sending the story — I missed it.) “Isaiah Washington, 20, was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing shortly before 8:30 a.m. at 45 Park Place, the NYPD said. Hair-raising photos at the scene show the high-climbing suspect near the top of the crane.”

In a not very newsy story, The Times traces the Financial District’s residential transformation, noting that there were 13,700 residents there in 1990 and 66,000 now (which makes it three times the size of Tribeca, which does not fully compute). It mentions the conversions going on at One Wall, 160 Water, 90 William and 4 New York Plaza. The story also define Fidi as bounded by Chambers Street and the Brooklyn Bridge to the north, which actually *is* news to me.

NYPD and Homeland Security raided storage units and other locations and seized $1 billion of counterfeit goods after monitoring the warehouses for the past year, according to NBC News. Federal authorities said it was the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods, consisting of handbags, shoes and other luxury merchandise. valued at more than $1 billion. Two people were charged. The location of the storage units was not named in the story.

ArtNews traces the migration of galleries to Tribeca starting with Postmasters in 2013 (though R & Co was way ahead of that!). “Over the last several months, a steady stream of Chelsea galleries has hitched their wagons and migrated south to Tribeca, either to expand their presence in the neighborhood or, in some cases, uprooting altogether for downtown.”



  1. In the photo from the counterfeit story, you can see the logo of Gotham Mini Storage, 501 Tenth Avenue (at 39th Street) Manhattan

  2. I always thought they should name that areas south of Chambers to the Trade Center site as BeCham(Below Chambers). But never really caught on. Calling it FiDi just does not make sense.

  3. Recently my husband was trying to locate me and Apple’s “Find My” didn’t have an exact location for me so it showed a circle over most of Tribeca and identified the area as “SoCaNoCha, Manhattan, New York” as in, I guess, South of Canal, North of Chambers St.

    Hmm, is Apple trying to change boundaries (and make up new names) and some freelancer writing for the Times from who knows where, who doesn’t know NYC neighborhoods looking on Apple Maps for info?

  4. The area north of Barclay, east of Church, west of William and south of Canal is techncally the “City Hall Park” neighborhood, or “Civic Center.” I’ve been at council meetings where that’s the stated definition. Of cours, relators call it Tribeca or FiDi as it suits their commissions.

    • Where does Tribeca start and end? I’ve heard from some snooty residents that Tribeca’s east border is Church street or West Broadway, but I think most folks would agree Broadway is the east border.

      The southern border seems to be most disputed. Google maps says it’s Vesey, which would include WTC7 and the post office (doesn’t feel right to me).

      On the other hand, while Chambers might seem logical as it would end and City Hall Park, it would exclude Murray street and Warren street which feel like Tribeca to me. I’d probably say Murray or Park Place, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s more of a gradual transition from FiDi to Tribeca.

      With that said, the FiDi is on of New York’s best neighborhoods – I am FiDiGuy after all ;-). Also, how many neighborhoods have added 1,500 residential units since the pandemic? Tribeca could learn from its southern neighbor a bit and encourage more housing development and residential conversions.

      • For my own purposes, Barclay is the southern border. That keeps you north of the World Trade Center, but includes 100 Barclay, which seems like a Tribeca conversion to me: the building entrance faces north, those students go to PS 234, they use Tribeca amenities like supermarkets and dry cleaners, etc.

      • FiDiGuy wrote: “I’ve heard from some snooty residents that Tribeca’s east border is Church street or West Broadway”.

        This is hilarious, since that would completely exclude the original Tribeca boundaries.

        Per Wiki:
        “The name was coined in the early 1970s and originally applied to the area bounded by Broadway and Canal, Lispenard, and Church Streets, which appears to be a triangle on city planning maps.”

    • Interesting about Civic Center. North border should be other than Canal, though, surely.
      Wiki puts the borders as:
      “The district is bound on the west by Tribeca at Broadway, on the north by Chinatown at Worth Street or Bayard Street, on the east by the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge at South Street, and on the south by the Financial District at Ann Street.”,_Manhattan

  5. $1 billion in counterfeits seized, but only 2 people charged? Why aren’t all the sellers charged?

  6. I call everything south of Canal “Greater FiDi!” All kidding aside, according to CB1,the official FiDi border West of Broadway is Murray Street. For FiDi Fan Page purposes, I do count everything south of Chambers as FiDi. And in the years to come FiDi will continue to grow dramatically as, by my count, there are almost 7,000 new apartments in the pipeline. Follow my page at FiDi Fan Page on Facebook to keep track of how fast the neighborhood is evolving and growing.

  7. Anyone know what has been happening on Canal Street? Seems like there are always a bunch of cops on Canal and Broadway lately- and the fake handbags are gone (although the sellers are walking around).

    • Big raid at the warehouse.

    • I don’t know why the crackdown, but I’m all for it and hope it continues indefinitely. I asked a police officer stationed in his vehicle at the Canal & Broadway intersection about it. He said he did not know why the sudden increase in enforcement, but he “assumed” it came from orders from “someone high up”. Anyway, I thanked him for this and said we are grateful for it.

      However, the sellers are still selling their junk out of their carts on surrounding streets. So it’s not a complete solution, but has mainly just so far dispersed or relocated the problem.

  8. I live near City Hall Park/Civic Center/FiDi and though there is huge population growth here, we need a close food market! Bodega — anything! Why not a Trader Joe’s? Or a Union Market!

  9. They reported by saying 1 billion in counterfeit bags, thats wrong. They are estimating that each bag had a price tag of $4000+ as we know that’s not true, they quoted the number for the actual real item, otherwise 1 billion in $25 bags is a lot of loot.! more fake news.