Lance Lappin Salon will close after 38 years on West Broadway

Photo by Claudine Williams

Tribecan Lance Lappin, who along with his wife, Ivy, has operated the eponymous hair salon on West Broadway since 1985, will close at the end of December. As we all know, keeping a business alive in this town for that long — 38 years! — is a remarkable achievement, and he did it as a true member of the community, raising two sons here, participating in every neighborhood tradition and milestone, honoring a beautiful piece of Tribeca architecture, inside and out.

Lance is not giving up his shears; he will be cutting hair at Arté Salon on Elizabeth and Houston starting Feb. 1. His other employees are mostly landing at Cutler, which has four salons around the city.

“I found everything I ever wanted in that space — community, love, family,” Lance said. “I love taking care of that room and everybody in it. And they took good care of us.”

Photo by Claudine Williams

The couple, who first met as teenagers in the Bronx, took the lease on West Broadway and Duane in 1985, and bought an apartment here two years later. The kids were born in 1986 and 1987. “The salon is my oldest child,” Lance said. They were first living on the Upper West Side and planned to open a salon there, but then came down to Tribeca for a birthday party. The cab would only take them as far as the American Thread building on Lispenard; the party was at the Acute Cafe, where Citizen’s Bank is now.

“I was in heels and very unhappy. But once we stepped over the metal barrier — Tribeca Park was not what it is now — all Lance could say is, ‘Look at this neighborhood.'”

“The music started, I heard the angels singing — all these beautiful old buildings,” Lance said. “Behind us was the Empire State Building and in front of us was the World Trade Center and it immediately hit me.”

When they left the party later that night, they spotted huge boarded up windows — 123 West Broadway. They signed a lease not long after.

People tried to talk us out of coming down here — they said, ‘you’ll need a passport,'” Ivy said. “But he knew what he wanted to do. Plus the space was just like that — the ceilings, the light — you’ll never find anything like that.” At the time, no other salon had standing 6-foot-tall mirrors in an open loft space. “It was ours and creatively you could do anything you wanted.”

They opened a retail boutique in 2002 next door, featuring Eastern philosophy home goods, books and objects, and it was a huge success until the downturn in 2008. And it’s not dissimilar to now, where the running of the business has become exhausting. The pandemic cost them half their clients since the office worker has not really come back.

But it’s not over. Lance will be reachable on the salon’s number (212-227-4150); Ivy will color hair at Arté as well. (They are also selling the antiques in the salon.)

“My first haircut in school was an out of body experience. I felt the rhythm that I feel now when I cut hair. Nothing else is on my mind and that’s what I got addicted to. And until recently nothing got in the way of that focus,” Lance said. “I can’t wait to get back where I can only think about the haircut.”



  1. Are they giving the other stylists the contact info for their clients?

  2. Sorry for the loss of this business but a bit of revisionist history is warranted here: Tortola Salon opened at 157 Chambers in 1983, a full two years before Lappin. They had then and have now the same full sized mirrors and loft aesthetic described above. Jo and Tom and their warm and special staff are still active and going there is one of my great pleasures in life.

    • So? This piece isn’t about Tortola! It is a farewell piece to Lance and Ivy.
      I have given both salons my business over the decades but
      after one of the Tortola owners eyed the stylist who was cutting my hair to hurry up, I’ve never been back.
      I lament the closure of another local business.

  3. This is another enormous loss for our neighborhood. An institution filled with amazing talent. Kiyo has cut the hair of many boys in the neighborhood with his incredible sense of craft and style. Norma and Lao and the whole team are consummate professionals. It is so sad that the exorbitant rent did not allow them to stay on.

  4. Ivy, Lance and Marco and the whole staff! THE BEST! What an accomplishment and just what Lance said — it was a room of care and caring. Time to fly. I wish them all only but the greatest next adventures. xo

  5. Say it isn’t so!!!! Lance Lapin Salon has been my hair home since 1984. There have been so many great colorists and stylists at your Salon over the years. I will be so sad to see the beautiful salon closed. The management of the salon must be never ending and good to now just focus on the craft.
    No salon can take the place for me. Many thanks to Lance and Ivy who have taken such good care of all of us. I will see you next week which may be my final visit.
    Love to Lau, Sandra, Ivy, Claude and all the great friends there over the years.

    Wishing you the very best

    Sean Turner

  6. Where can I find Kiyu?
    I have been a client at the Lance Lappin salon for over 20 years. I watched Lance’s kids grow up.
    Over the years I have had only wonderful hairdressers there. I traveled from Queens just to continue going there. I am beside myself to read of the closure of the salon. My only consolation will be to locate Kiyu, my current hairdresser.
    Wishing only good things for Lance and Ivy.

    • @Barbara

      The email I received indicated that Kiyo will work a day at each of the Cutler salons:

      Monday – Cutler Soho 10:00am-5:00pm

      Tuesday – Cutler Arlo 10:00am-5:00pm