Field Trip: Warhol x Basquiat at the Brant Foundation

Basquiat x Warhol at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center through Jan. 7
Lower East Side

You all know how to get to the Lower East Side. The address is 421 E. 6th St., between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.

The foundation is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11a to 6p. Tickets are required for the event. Get those here.

This show is an absolute must-see. More on that in a minute, but it is worth a visit just to see the building — a century-old former Con Ed substation with 40-foot ceilings and the industrial pulley system crossing each gallery. After Con Ed left in the mid-80s, the building was the home and studio of famed artist Walter De Maria until his death in 2013. Richard Gluckman of Gluckman Tang Architects then renovated the building for Peter Brant to create 7,000 square feet of exhibition space across four floors. It opened in 2019. There are two new gardens adjacent to the structure and a landscaped roof terrace.

The Basquiat and Warhol show is on all floors and has a couple dozen paintings and installations that were completed by the two artists together. They are all genius. (Though my absolute favorite might be the portrait of Warhol by Basquiat.) The two met in 1982 at Warhol’s Factory and would meet regularly to work on monumental canvases, resulting in over 160 collaborative works created between 1983 to 1985.The paintings are loaded with both artists’ unique iconographies.

From the catalog: “Warhol’s screen-printed advertisements and cultural symbols are effaced by Basquiat’s iconic figures and signs; newspaper headlines included by Warhol are obscured and rewritten by Basquiat; scenes painted in Basquiat’s conceptual Neo-Expressionist style are joined by Warhol’s precise appropriations of brand logos. The artists also influenced each other: Warhol at times returned to his painterly beginnings, and Basquiat increased his use of the silkscreen-printing technique.”

Depending on the hour, the recommendation from E.: definitely catch Abraco at 81 East 7th for house-made hot chocolate and orange cardamon cake. We grabbed a glass of wine at the French bistro Lucian on First Avenue, which was very East Village.



  1. Many thanks for this posting. It was surprisingly easy to make a reservation for 2 PM today. Last time I was there was 1980, when WdeM, an acquaintance, gave me a tour just after he bought it! Back then it was being used by LensCrafters for storing thousands of eyeglass frames. Other local experiences are The Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer. And, the ultimate Field Trip, an overnight stay at the one room cabin at The Lightning Field in New Mexico.

    • Who is Wide M ?

      • Walter de Maria

        • I’ve lived on E 6th Street since 1992. Walter de Maria aka WdeM always had one light on, on the top West end of building, always assumed it was his bedroom in that beast of a building! One day me and a girlfriend boldly rang the doorbell. Some other than WdeM opened the door, and we asked we could have a tour! He said to write a letter, and it might be possible. We penned the letter all afternoon, but alas to gun shy to send! The renovations are spectacular. Stunning space!

  2. We saw Basquiat show in that building