Local man assaulted by bike gang

A Tribeca resident wrote to report that her husband, 53, was walking to the Bank of America ATM on Canal and Broadway around 7:30p on Dec. 15 when he was struck in the eye by what he later learned was a boiled egg. The perpetrator was riding a bike with a group.

He was treated in the emergency room after he had trouble seeing immediately after the assault. His eye was not permanently damaged.

“This was is so random and unexpected,” his wife said. “We have lived here for over 10 years and never seen anything like it. I hope you will report so people can watch out for these gangs.”

Police said there were no arrests.



  1. Thanks for reporting on this Pam.

  2. I’ve seen these kids on bikes twice. First time riding up Church, 12/15 7pm, throwing eggs (uncooked) at pedestrians. Second time 12/16 4pm, also on Church, running out of 7-11 having stolen 2 cartons of eggs. I stopped and asked them why they were doing this. One said “it’s fun” and then asked me to throw an egg. They chanted “Throw an Egg”. Of course I refused.